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Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune - how to play

Wheel of Fortune: How to play

Wheel of Fortune” is a very fast and simple live game with clear betting options.The presenter introduces the Wheel of Fortune, spins it counter-clockwise and then spins it clockwise with a light hand stroke. Only one spin is made during a draw except for cases when the spin must be repeated. 

Presenter’s spin (and the draw) is valid if the wheel makes at least three (3) full spins clockwise.

Full clockwise spins are counted by the spins counter and a green light is lit when the wheel makes three (3) full spins. The spin starts when the wheel starts spinning clockwise and the pointer leaves the sector where it was previously standing. 

The result of the draw is the sector’s number or symbol where the pointer lands after the wheel stop turning.

There is only one betting round and players can place their bets on all available outcomes for the upcoming draw. 

A betting round takes place between the game draws and lasts about two minutes. Draws of the game run every 2 minutes daily.If you would like to read more about the Wheel of Fortune rules, please read this.

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