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Fafi Dream Guide 2024


Turn your dreams into reality with our Fafi Dream Guide. With it’s roots in the ancient Chinese culture, lucky numbers playing have found their interpretation of our dream useful when creating their winning bets.

FAFI or MoChina is a form of betting done by some South Africans, it is believed to have originated from the Chinese community in the country.

Next time you wake up and wonder what your last dream means for your lucky numbers, make use of our Fafi Dream Guide. Translate each part of your dream, the things you see and what you experience. All the popular things from your dreams have a number attached to them.

These numbers could turn your dreams into real winnings. Play your lucky numbers at, and it might just be you.

Fafi Dream Guide 2024

Fafi Numbers 1-10

1King; Human blood; White man; Left eye
2Monkey; Native; A Spirit; Chief; Copper; Money; Jockey
3Sea Water; Accident; Frog; Sailor; Sex
4Dead man; Turkey; Small Fortune; Bed
5Tiger; Fight; Strong Man
6Ox Blood; Gentleman; Milk
7Lion; Thief; Big stick; Chickens
8Pig; Drunken man; Loafer; Fat man; Chinese king
9Moon; Baby; Hole; Owl; Devil; Pumpkin; Anything round
10Eggs; Train; Boat; Grave; Anything Oval

Fafi Numbers 11-20

11Carriage; Wood; Tree; Furniture; Bicycle; Flowers
12Dead woman; Ducks; Small fire; Chinese Queen
13Big fish; Ghosts; Spirits
14Old woman; Fox; Detective; Nurse; Native woman
15Bad woman; Prostitute; Canary; White horse; Small knife
16Small house; Coffin; Pigeon; Young woman; Paper money; Letter
17Diamond woman; Queen; Pearls, Diamond; Stars; White woman
18Silver money; Servant girl; Right eye; Butterfly; Hook; Rain
19Little girl; Smoke; Bread; Big bird; Left hand
20Cat; Sky; Handkerchief; Body; Music; Minister; Naked woman

Fafi Numbers 21-30

21Old man; Stranger; Fisherman; Elephant; Knife; Nose; Teeth
22Rats; Motor car; Big ship; Left foot; Shoes
23Horse; Doctor; Head; Hair; Crown
24Mouth; Wild cat; Vixen; Lioness; Hole; Purse
25Big house; Church; Boxer; Hospital
26Bees; Crown; Bad man; Bush; General; Funeral; Madman
27Dog; Policeman; Newborn baby; Medicine; Sad news
28Sardines; Small fish; Thief; Right foot; Surprise; Small child
29Small water; Coffin; Rain; Tears; Big knife; Right hand
30Fowl; Graveyard; Sun; Throat; Indian; Forest

Fafi Numbers 31-40

31Big fire; Bishop; Big spirit; Feathers; Fight; Woman
32Gold money; Dirty woman; Snake
33Little boy; Spider
34Meat; Human dung; Anything dirty; Cripple; Tramp
35Clothes; Sheep; Big hole; Big grave
36Shrimp; Stick; Admiral; Cigars; Gum
37Arrow; Lawyer; Treasure; Cooking; Stream
38Crocodile; Balloons; Sjambok; Fireworks; Stadium
39Sangoma; Soccer team; Tattoos; Bloodshed; Teacher
40Birth; Clock; Snail; Dwarf; River; Traditional healer

Fafi Numbers 41-50

41Cattle; Planets; Cave; Desert; Monster
42Tornado; Spear; Umbrella; Camel; Door
43Army; Thunder; Astronaut; Rabbit; Turtle
44Shark; Stud farm; Body builder; Injury; Mud
45Football; Computers; Jewelry; Wrestler; Storm
46Ambulance; Beard; Sea and Scissors; Key
47Stallion; Kite; TV; Lightning; Carnival; Hut
48Clown; Rainbow; Nightmare; Whale; Wealth
49Shebeen; Circus; Chocolate; Space ship
50Bathroom; Magic; Revolution; Trap; Wheat

Fafi Numbers 51-52

51Car; Carrot; Orange; Vulture; Wasp
52Brush; Eagle; Salon; Shower; Trumpet

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