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Understanding Live Cricket Betting

There’s nothing like the thrill of watching a live cricket match. The boundaries and sixes; the big shouts of “how’s that?” Sometimes we can’t make it to the stadium, but we can up the thrills when watching the game by taking part in live cricket betting. We’re looking at what live cricket betting is, the advantages of betting on cricket during the live game, and a few strategies to keep in mind when trying out live cricket betting markets.  

Can I bet on online cricket matches live?

Yes, you can. In-game or in-match betting markets are exciting to take part in and they make the whole sports-watching experience so much more fun.

What is Live Cricket Betting?

Live betting markets are in-game markets that show up as the cricket match unfolds. With twists and turns in every match, following along with in-game betting lines while keeping a close eye on the happening on the pitch can lead to decent payouts. In other words, live cricket betting involves sports bookmakers establishing in-game betting markets as the match progresses, and punters following along can bet and win or lose without having to wait for the end of the game.

Can you live on your cricket betting?

If you are clever with your cricket bets, and you look for the most valuable bets all the time, you can make excellent returns when betting on cricket.

Advantages of Live Cricket Betting

Betting on live cricket might seem a bit challenging, but there are too many benefits to ignore it as an option. We’ve identified four advantages of live cricket betting below:

How do you win cricket bets?

You win cricket bets when placing bets on outcomes of cricket matches and those outcomes occur, like backing a team you think will win and they end up winning.

More chances to bet

Most punters will likely place the bulk of their bets before a match, with only a select few being brave enough to place bets as the match unfolds. These sports betting fanatics enjoy more chances to bet, which means more chances of winning.

More information to work with

When watching and betting on cricket matches live, you’re gaining access to information very few punters ever do. You will know exactly how teams are performing, including how well in-game markets are doing and which ones are hot or not.

What is the safest cricket bet?

The safest cricket bet is either to hedge your bets, so you get a return regardless of the match outcome, or to place a Draw No Bet which won’t result in a loss if the match ends in a draw.

What is the best chance of finding value when betting on cricket?

A value bet is one that offers a great return which few punters are focusing on. The only way to land on these gems before anyone else does is to bet on cricket live, paying close attention to the markets and their shifting odds.

Cover your pre-match bets

Live cricket betting is also a great opportunity to make up for any bad pre-match bets that you may have made. It gives you a chance to cover any pre-match losses by winning with in-match bets.

Live Cricket Betting Strategies 

Live cricket betting strategies are how punters succeed at online cricket bets, and the more of these you try, the better your chances of making correct predictions:

How do I bet on live cricket?

You can bet on live cricket by registering a free account with online sports bookmakers like and betting on the in-game markets that pop up as the match progresses.

1. Watch the cricket matches and games

Even if you don’t bet on them just yet, watch cricket matches and follow along with the in-game betting markets and odds. This will give you an idea of which in-game markets are popular and how fast you have to be to capitalise on them.

2. Use previous data

Cricket teams play many matches each year, so there should be a wealth of information on their performances against rival teams to draw from. Sometimes you can spot in-game trends that can give you an edge when betting on cricket live.

3. No guessing

The last thing you want to do is guess when it comes to making in-match predictions that could cost you. Instead, always base your cricket betting decisions on a solid insight or valid reason. Find cricket betting tips and use these as a starting point.

4. Factor in motivation

No matter how mismatched cricket teams are coming into a fixture, you can’t count out motivation as a driving force. The only way you can tell a team’s levels of motivation throughout a match is by watching it closely.

5. Look at the pitch being played on and the history of wins and losses

Is there a team that just keeps losing on a specific type of pitch? Or another team that is on a historic winning streak and about to break a record? These factors are guaranteed to influence a match’s outcome, and assessing these before the match can give you an edge when live cricket betting.

Can you make money in cricket betting?

You can make money in cricket betting. But it’s not as easy as placing one bet and winning the jackpot. It takes time, dedication, self-control, research, and always looking for the most valuable bets.

How to Begin Betting on Live Cricket Online 

Start betting on live cricket online in three steps. No, we’re not joking! is the place to bet on cricket online in South Africa, and here’s how:

  1. Visit and click on the green ‘join now’ button
  2. Complete a short online profile setup
  3. Confirm your email address

After you have your free account all set up and verified, take a trip to our cricket betting page and look at the cricket fixtures we have on offer that you can bet on.
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