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Sports Betting Predictions

Sports Betting Predictions

Anyone betting on sports can make their own sports betting predictions. Some of us predict based on how we feel about the team or athlete. Others make predictions based on statistical data involving player fitness levels, team form over time, and other variables. Either way, making these predictions is an exciting, satisfying element of online sports betting.

How are sports betting predictions made?

Official sports betting market predictions are calculated by registered bookmakers. These ‘odds’ provide a measure for the likely outcome of a sporting event. Sports betting odds are influenced by multiple factors, including popular opinion among sports bettors. Then there’s how well the horse, athlete or team has done leading up to the event (past form), the referee/s, the weather on the day, and even in-game events. Anything that can influence a sports game will impact the sports betting predictions. 

How to keep up with latest sports predictions

Keep up with the sports betting pros by visiting our Bet Central online resources. We’re constantly updating our information about betting on the biggest upcoming sports fixtures. In-depth analysis, thought-leader commentary, and advice on how to hedge your bets and take home sports betting gold.

Betting tips on Central

There’s only one place you need to hang out online to get the best sports betting predictions. Bet Central, where we give you regularly updated market predictions and tips.

Basketball betting tips

Visit to get daily NBA betting tips, updated through the day, from our resident experts. We boast excellent success rates, making us the go-to resource for NBA betting advice.

Soccer betting tips

On Bet Central you’ll find in-depth soccer betting tips on each EPL, PSL, Serie A, Bundesliga, and La Liga match being played. We unpack each fixture in detail, looking at previews, expert predictions, and the best bets to place according to experienced punters.

Rugby betting tips

Get the latest rugby betting tips on We unpack previews of each game, make expert predictions, and offer advice on the best bets to place. Get betting tips for Six Nations, Currie Cup, Super Rugby, Sevens, and Rugby Championship.

Cricket betting tips

Are you a sucker for betting on cricket? Get updated cricket betting tips at your fingertips from Bet Central. We offer betting advice for the Mzansi Super League, ICC World T20, The Ashes, and the Indian Premier League. 

F1 Betting tips

Get the latest F1 betting tips and advice on the platform! Listen to our podcasts discussing new regulations, team performance, and betting previews on demand to get the edge when betting on Formula One.

Golf betting tips

There’s a golf betting tips library that we think you’d like. It’s called Bet Central, and here you’ll find in-depth podcast discussions on what’s happening in the golfing universe. We recap, preview, and offer advice on the best bets to place.

UFC betting tips

Bet Central is the spot to get the latest betting scoop on upcoming UFC encounters. Get UFC betting tips and gain access to expert predictions, and make the best wagers when betting on the UFC.

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How accurate are sports betting predictions?

Important to keep in mind is this: nobody knows what’s going to happen on the day. Sports betting agencies and punters can make predictions all day long; it won’t have an impact on what could happen in the dying seconds of a nail-biter. That being said, those who make the most accurate sports betting predictions are usually bookmakers.

Which sports is easiest to predict?

There are so many sports to bet on, and they aren’t all made equal. If you’re just starting out, pick a relatively straight-forward sport to predict. These include basketball, football (soccer), horse racing, and boxing. Boxing is arguably the simplest, with the fewest variables to predict. One fighter will most likely win, and assessing a single athlete’s form is easier than keeping track of an entire team’s form.

Understanding match stats and predicting odds

Knowing historical match statistics of sports teams is a good way to start predicting odds. When comparing two teams going head to head, look at how many games each team won out of their last 10 games. If these are very similar, one can look at the points difference between the two teams. These match statistics help to paint a clearer picture of who the ‘better’ team is, and this influences the odds.

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What is the most predictable sport to bet on?
Basketball is widely considered the most predictable sport to bet on. It’s also one of the most exciting sports betting markets.

Which is the most accurate betting prediction site?
Most online sports betting sites take their predictions from the biggest players in the sports betting game. This means that sites like are bringing you the most up-to-date and accurate betting predictions.

Is there an algorithm for sports betting?
There are sports betting algorithms, or computer programs, that use input data (historical team performance) to predict sports outcomes and take the legwork out of making accurate sports bets.

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