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How to Place a Multiple Bet

26 June 2018, by: BET Editor

How to place a multiple bet

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Quite simply, a multiple is placing a single bet on the outcome of a number of betting markets. For your winnings to come in, you need to predict the outcome of all matches correctly..

The most popular accumulator is to simply pick a winner of a fixture, or if it will end in a draw. This can be a double, treble, 4-fold (four matches), 5-fold, 6-fold and so on.

A multiple allows you to have multiple results either at the same time or over a period of time form part of one bet. This effectively means that each time a bet wins, the payout is reinvested in the next leg, which means the odds grow quickly.

Ask many people why they take multiple bet on football and they will say because it is a lot of fun. You find yourselves cheering on teams you have no affiliation with and it can make the weekend even more exciting.

Many people enjoy watching the results roll in with a group of friends and if you all have a bet riding on a bunch of matches, it’s going to be an enjoyable afternoon.

A multiple also allows you to include bets that start and finish at similar times to form one bet. If it’s soccer games starting or ending at similar times you wouldn’t be able to bet, get paid out and reinvest in separate bets, but a multiple allows you to include them all in one bet slip.

The simple answer is yes, you can. Big wins often happen using multiples. Put a few legs in a multiple and watch the odds grow and grow. You don’t even need a big stake as the more games you add, the more your potential payout swells. All you need to do is make sure you pick your legs wisely!

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