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Understanding Live Tennis Betting

Live Tennis Betting 1

Live tennis betting can be a bit intimidating at first, but once you hit your stride and start winning big with in-game betting markets – you won’t ever want to bet on tennis another way! It levels up your tennis watching fun with running lines that shift as the match unfolds. In this guide, we’re looking at what live tennis betting is, the advantages of betting in-game, a few strategies to try out, and how to start betting on tennis online with

Can you make money betting on tennis?

Yes. If you find tennis betting markets with value, and do thorough research before placing bets, you can start making money betting on tennis.

Live tennis betting involves placing bets on tennis match outcomes while the match is in progress. These markets open and close throughout the match, and sometimes offer huge winning opportunities for tennis-loving punters.

How do you bet on tennis live?

To bet on tennis live, you can register with online sports betting bookmaker. You can bet on tennis live on

Advantages of Live Tennis Betting

Live tennis betting offers the double whammy of being both research and fun rolled into one. While you’re watching your in-game bets win big, you’re also taking in information about the players and their form. Below are five advantages to live tennis betting:

What is the best tennis betting strategy?

The best tennis betting strategy, if you’re looking to win bets, is to hedge them. That way, either outcome of the match will result in a winning bet.

First-hand feel of the event

If you’re following the match live, you get a good feel of the event and the factors at play which could impact the outcome. For example, the player who is the crowd favourite has an advantage over their opponent.

Injury betting angle in live bets

Watching a tennis match take place gives you insight into each player’s performance in real-time. If you spot an injury about to happen before anyone else, you might have time to change or place new bets.

Best chance of finding value

Finding value in tennis bets means finding markets where you think the bookie may have got the odds wrong. Watching the match and the lines as they shift is how you find valuable tennis betting markets to invest in.

What does 22.5 mean in tennis?

An over/under tennis bet involving games played in a match. An over bet requires the player to score 23 or more. An under bet would require 22 or less.

First-hand experience on the direction of the match

If you’re watching a tennis match unfold that you’ve bet on, you’ve got a much better grasp on which direction the match is going (and its likely outcome). This is valuable information that could save you from going through with a bad bet.

Visible player cues

You’re watching your favourite player tire faster than usual in the second set, and it’s starting to worry you. Visible player cues can’t be spotted unless you’re watching the game, and cues that indicate poor performance could also save you from placing irresponsible bets.

Is betting on tennis legal?

It is currently legal to bet on tennis in South Africa.

Live Tennis Betting Strategies

As promised, we’ve collected a bunch of tennis betting strategies that many punters swear by below. Are you serious about succeeding at tennis betting? Then take these into consideration:

Watch the game

Seriously, now. How many tennis matches do you really watch every season? One part of any winning tennis betting strategy is to watch tennis – and definitely watch the game that you want to bet live on.

Use previous match information

Research, research, research. It works for successful university graduates and it will work for you. Include looking at past match statistics in your tennis betting strat, especially where two tennis players have come head-to-head before.

Do the research

More research! While you’re researching previous match information, take a look at other factors, like the expected weather conditions, each player’s previous performance in that specific tournament, and others.

What does 20.5 mean in tennis?

This is an over/under tennis bet involving games played in a given match. An over bet means the player would need to score 21 or more. An under bet would require 20 or less games.

Look at the head-to-head match stats

How well have two tennis players performed against each other historically? Looking at these statistics could give you an idea of how they might perform in their next encounter.

Keep up to date on player progression and stats

Include in your tennis betting strategy keeping up to date with player fitness levels, training camp progression, and what’s happening behind the scenes. Check out the Bet Central Podcast powered by for valuable sports betting insights. 

How do you bet on tennis and win big?

Win big by betting on tennis live, where you place bets on in-game outcomes for huge payouts.

Factor in tennis pitch

Before placing any bets on a tennis match, look into a few things that could make or break your hopes of striking gold. What type of pitch will the players be taking to, and how well do these players perform on that surface? Answers to these questions could add value to your tennis betting strategy.

Experiment with your bets

Heard of A/B testing? You can use this technique to perfect your tennis betting strategy. Experiment with your bets, seeing which markets you do well in and which you should avoid spending money in 

Why should you bet on tennis?

Betting on tennis is considered a great idea because of how few outcomes there are, and therefore it’s a bit easier to win.

How to begin betting on live tennis online

Begin betting on live tennis online today! offers a simple way to get the ball rolling and start placing winning tennis bets:

1.  Visit and click on the green ‘join now’ button

2.  Complete a short online profile setup

3.  Confirm your email address 

Then you’re ready to start browsing the tennis betting markets, filling up your virtual bet slips, and winning big. If you love sports as much as we do, then you’re going to love the platform! Visit our Bet Central information portal or find out about You should also check out our sports betting podcast, and learn the basics of sports betting on our Bet School!

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