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Tennis Betting Strategies

Tennis Betting Strategies

Tennis is believed to have come from the monastic cloisters in France’s northern regions some time during the 12th century. For 400 years they played tennis using the palm of the hand, until the introduction of rackets in the 16th century. But you’re not here for a tennis history lesson, are you? No, you’ve come to find some useful information about developing a winning tennis betting strategy, right? This article takes a look at what tennis betting strategies are, how having one will help you when betting on tennis, and a few examples of tennis betting strategies. 

Is betting on tennis profitable?

Yes, it is. Betting on tennis becomes profitable when you understand the sport, the players’ strengths & weaknesses, and the many tennis betting markets available to win in.

What is a Tennis betting strategy?

A tennis betting strategy is a betting plan that a bettor develops before carefully placing bets on tennis fixture outcomes. The list of factors impacting a tennis match is almost endless. It takes careful research and calculated betting activities to succeed at tennis betting.

How will having a Tennis betting strategy help me?

Like anything you take on in life, going in with a plan does improve the chance of favourable outcomes. Below are five ways having a tennis betting strategy will help you:

Why do people bet on tennis?

People bet on tennis because there are fewer outcomes (Player A or Player B wins) and therefore it’s easier to place a winning bet.

Increased odds of winning

Having a betting strategy in place will increase your odds of winning! In the case of a double chance betting strategy, the probability of winning goes up by 33.3%.

Improve the profitability of your bets

Winning every tennis bet you place is impossible, but a betting strategy can help you maximize your winning percentage and potential profits.

How do you bet on tennis sets?

You can bet on a player to win the first set, second set, etc. Bet on player A or Player B to win the set. If they win the set, you win. If they lose the set, you lose.

Decrease the losses you could incur

With a strategy helping you win more tennis bets, you’ll be limiting your losses through losing fewer bets, by focusing on bets that you have a good chance of winning.

Improved knowledge of bets and strategy

By its nature, a strategy involves research. Doing research to build a winning tennis betting strategy will inevitably improve your tennis general knowledge, and help you to better understand the tennis betting markets.

Learn what to look out for

Your tennis betting strategy will likely also be influenced by the outcomes of bets you’ve placed in the past. There is much to learn by looking at which of your bets struck lucky and which didn’t. 

Is tennis a hard sport bet?

No. Tennis is considered one of the easier sports to bet on. This is because in a traditional tennis match, there can only be one winner.Examples of Tennis betting strategies 

Examples of Tennis betting strategies

There’s no denying that a tennis betting strategy will set you up for success, but which strategies should you use? We’re taking a look at nine tennis betting strategies to help you strike gold below: 

How are tennis matches predicted?

Bookmakers predict the outcome of tennis matches by taking into account many factors, including player form, injuries, court surface, home-ground advantage, and weather conditions.

Arbitrage betting

Arbitrage betting is when you place bets with two different tennis betting bookmakers offering differing odds. This is to guarantee a profit regardless of the match’s outcome.

Value betting

This strategy involves finding the value in bets, or bets where the chance of something actually happening is greater than the bookmaker is making out.


Favourites betting is never a bad tennis betting strategy to follow. Betting on the favourite won’t result in a big payout, but you can up the stakes with in-game markets! 

How often do Favorites win tennis?

A study of over 4,800 Grand Slam matches revealed that the pre-game favourites won 78.5% of the time.

Consider smaller bets

Bankroll management is important to a winning tennis betting strategy, and experts suggest staking no more than 5% of your total sports betting budget on any one tennis bet.

Fast-moving odds and lines

If you plan on betting the favourite, do it as early as possible. Favourites are inevitably more popular with the public, and the line moves against them quickly after betting has commenced.

Tennis handicap betting

Tennis handicap betting makes uneven matchups more interesting by handicapping underdogs, either by adding games at the start or taking away games from their total.

What does 21.5 mean in tennis?

21.5 is a type of tennis bet relating to the number of games that will be played in a given tennis match. This has to do with over/under tennis betting.

Highest over under Tennis betting odds

Tennis players will regularly score more in the later phases of a tennis match, as defenses tire late in the match. Keep this in mind when considering cashing out over/under bets at intervals.

Higher maximum stake limits

A tennis betting strategy for those with larger bankrolls is to find sports booking agents with higher stake limits on their bets. Punters can then bet larger sums of money for greater yields should they win.

Track the Results by Bet Type

You’ll win some tennis bets, and then you’ll lose some. If you keep a record of all your tennis bets, you’ll see which betting markets you’re making the most profits in.

What does 22.5 mean in tennis?

An over/under of 22.5 games means that, for your bet to pay out, the tennis match must have either more than 22 games or less than 23 games.

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