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How to Bet on the Tennis Grand Slam

Betting on Tennis Leagues
Betting on Tennis Leagues

Have you always wondered how people bet on tennis leagues online? With four Grand Slams each year, and other tennis tournaments to win big on, it’s always a good time to bet on tennis! In this article we’re unpacking the different tennis leagues and tournaments to bet on, common tennis wager types, and a few pointers to help you strike it lucky when you bet on tennis leagues online 

How do you bet on tennis online?

You can bet on tennis online by using a free sports entertainment platform like

Understanding Tennis Leagues

There are four major tennis leagues played each year. These are The Australian Open, Roland-Garros (French Open), Wimbledon and the US Open.

What is the best way to bet on tennis?

The best way to bet on tennis is the most convenient way, which is to bet on tennis online 24/7 using a free sports entertainment platform like

Australian Open

Each tennis season starts in January with The Australian Open in Melbourne. It features men’s and women’s singles; men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles; junior’s championships; and wheelchair, legends, and exhibition events.

French Open

Roland-Garros is the French Open which takes place between May and June each year. All fixtures are played on clay courts, and over 250 ball boys and girls are hired for the two-week long tournament. The Main French Open Court is also the smallest of all the Grand Slam courts.


Played on grass and taking place in London, Wimbledon is arguably the world’s most popular and best supported tennis tournament. Wimbledon takes place at the end of June each year, and there is a strict rule against sponsored advertising at the event.

How to bet on Wimbledon online?

Bet on Wimbledon online in South Africa by visiting and setting up your free account.

U.S Open

Finishing off the tennis season in September each year is the iconic US Open. This tournament is played on a hard surface, and takes place in New York City. The first-ever US Open was held in 1881.

Can you bet on tennis games?

When placing tennis bets, you can bet on tennis games, on each tennis set, and also on the overall match outcome.

Alternative Tennis Tournaments to bet on

Other than the main four Grand Slams mentioned above, there are tennis tournaments in-between that you can also bet on through

How do you bet on tennis and win big?

Winning big with betting on tennis involves doing careful research, responsibly managing your bankroll, and finding the betting markets that offer the most value.

BNP Paribas Open

This major tennis tournament attracts top tennis players from across the world, and is a favourite with fans too. It regularly draws over 400,000 in-person fans and set a record at the 2019 tournament with 475,372 fans attending.

WTA Finals

Professional women tennis players have their own major tournament to finish off the season. The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Tour finishes things off with the WTA Finals, usually taking place in November and featuring all the big names in women’s tennis.

ATP Finals

The ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) Finals started way back in 1970. It has gone through a few names and versions since then, however. Since 2009, the ATP Finals has been held at the O2 Stadium in London. This event follows a group stage format.

Summer Games Tennis Tournament

The Summer Games is unique in that it’s more than just a major tennis tournament. 

Is tennis a good sport bet?

Tennis is considered a good sport bet because of how few outcomes there are, which makes predicting a winner much easier. The 2024 Summer Games are in Paris, France, and will take place July 26 to August 11, 2024. 

Tennis Wager Types

What types of tennis wagers are available when you bet on tennis leagues online? The four most popular tennis wagers placed are moneyline, game spread, set spread, and over/under. Let’s unpack each of these a bit more: 

How many sets is a tennis match?

Tennis matches usually continue until one player wins best of three sets (women’s) or best of five sets (men’s).


Moneyline tennis betting involves odds that one or the other player will win a match straight up. With this type of tennis wager, you don’t have to worry about a player winning by a certain margin, and can offer large payout of all bets depending on the line you’re betting on.

Game Spread

In this wager, you’re concerned with the games being played as part of the tennis match. Game spread bets refer to how a player will win by a number of games. These are usually represented using a plus sign (+1.5) or minus sign (-2.5).

Set Spread

The set spread tennis wager is another commonly loved tennis bet. It involves who will win the most sets in a given tennis match. The set spread is set at -1.5 in most situations, with most tennis tournaments entailing a best-of-three or best-of-five layout.


This is a tennis wager on the sum total of games played in a given match. Example: If Nadal and Federer are playing a 3-set match, the Over/Under could be set at 22.5 games. If you think it’ll be a close match and you bet the over, you need the match to last for a minimum of 23 games.

What does 21.5 mean in tennis?

This number is representative of an over/under tennis bet. An under bet would require the player win 21 or fewer games. An over bet would require the player win 22 or more games.

How to bet on the Tennis Grand Slam

Now that you know a bit about the major international tennis tournaments, and the types of bets available to you, let’s look at a few tips to maximize your chances of striking gold on


Take the time to follow along with what’s happening in the tennis universe. Watch as many matches as you can, look into player training camps, and monitor the world tennis rankings. All of these activities will result in you being one of the first to know about developments.

Do tennis favorites usually win?

Yes. A tennis fixture’s favourite has a greater than 70% chance of winning the match.

Stay on top of predictions and trends

Peer review is important when it comes to winning at online tennis betting. If you’re planning on betting on an upcoming tennis match, do some research into what other punters are doing with their money. Sports betting podcasts like the Bet Central podcast powered by are great places to start!

Keep an eye on streaks and analysis

Bolster your tennis betting strategy like the pros do, by taking a careful look at player winning (or loosing) streaks. This analysis could unearth keen insights that can add value to your upcoming tennis betting decision-making.

Be mindful of player injuries

How well do you know your favourite tennis players? A winning tennis bettor sits and compares players, facing each other in upcoming fixtures, based on their unique strengths. Injuries also impact performance, and need to be taken into account before placing any bets.

Look at the history of the Player and opponents

Most tennis betting fanatics have their favourite players, who they will bet on religiously – regardless of who they’re up against or what their form might be. A winning strategy relies on data; specifically player stats, and how players compare statistically when facing each other in match-ups.

Look for Scheduling Advantages

Home-ground advantage is a real thing that you can’t put your finger on. It’s not conclusive, which makes betting on tennis and other sports so much fun. As part of your tennis betting strategy, check out where each fixture is being played and which player will have the home advantage.

Where can I bet on tennis matches?

You can bet on tennis matches easily online using

How to begin betting on tennis online is a sports entertainment website where you get to make things interesting by predicting the outcomes of your favourite tennis matches. Give yourself the best chance of striking it lucky on by having a look at our useful self-help sports betting resources:

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