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Basic Tennis Betting Tips

Tennis Betting Tips

Racquets, courts, nets and fuzzy balls. Tennis is a sport that’s been loved by millions of people since the first tennis ball was served at the first-ever Wimbledon. Tennis betting has been around for almost as long, where punters hedge their bets on who will win thrilling tennis matches being played. If you love your tennis, and you like the idea of betting on sport, this article is for you. Let’s take a look basic tennis betting tips all budding tennis punters can benefit from:

How do you successfully bet on Tennis?

There’s betting on tennis, and then there’s being successful at betting on tennis. The one is almost effortless, while the other takes some input and careful consideration. Below we’ve listed six pointers to maximise your chances of succeeding when you bet on tennis.

How do you always win in Tennis betting?

If winning on tennis bets is your goal, and you want to win on every bet, hedge your bets by placing bets on both outcomes. This way, at least one bet will win every time.

Have a budget

Before putting money down on your first bet, consider having a set budget for yourself that you can stick to. This way you won’t end up spending more than you wanted, and prematurely ending your tennis betting fun.

Bet responsibly

A responsible punter knows how to identify bad bets and steer well clear of them. provides the Bet Central resource portal where our sports betting fans can learn about responsible betting and placing smart bets.

Bet on what you know

Tennis is an in-depth sport with ranks filled with excellent players all vying for pole positions. It’s impossible to study every player’s form, strengths & weaknesses (unless you work at Consider sticking to betting on fixtures where you have a higher understanding of the players, the format (singles/doubles), the pitch, and other factors.

Avoid betting on all games

Your tennis betting bankroll is only so deep, and betting it all on all games is a recipe for heavy losses and ultimate disappointment. Start small, betting on one or two games that you know and understand. See how you do, then expand your bets slowly as you gain experience.

Take into consideration the up and coming Players

The tennis betting maestros are those punters who keep an eye on all the factors at play. One important factor is the impact up-and-coming players have on outcomes of fixtures. Upsets are a reality, and common in tennis. Knowing who might cause one could mean a big pay day.

Look at the history and injury of potential winners

Bet on the favourite and wait for them to hoist the trophy, right? If you’re not paying attention, this might not pay off. It’s wise to keep an eye on players tapped as favourites, checking their performance leading up to a fixture and if any injuries could have an impact on their performance. 

What is the best strategy for Tennis betting? 

The best strategy for tennis betting hasn’t been discovered, and if you find it, please let us know. Winning at tennis betting relies on a strategy, and the better your strategy – the better your chances. Here are six things to consider when forming your winning tennis betting strategy:

Is Tennis betting easy?

Yes it is. Tennis is a two-way market, where there are only two results, either player A wins or player B.

Stay up to date

Take the time to follow along with what’s happening in the tennis universe. Watch as many matches as you can, look into player training camps, and monitor the world tennis rankings. All of these activities will result in you being one of the first to know about developments.

Pay attention to player stats

Most tennis betting fanatics have their favourite players, who they will bet on religiously – regardless of who they’re up against or what their form might be. A winning strategy relies on data; specifically player stats, and how players compare statistically when facing each other in match-ups.

Pay attention to player well being

There are so many factors that impact a tennis professional’s form, ranging from previous injuries through to personal issues at home. Knowing what players are going through off the court could give an indication of how they might perform when next on it.

Look at Player strengths and injuries

How well do you know your favourite tennis players? A winning tennis bettor sits and compares players, facing each other in upcoming fixtures, based on their unique strengths. Injuries also impact performance, and need to be taken into account before placing any bets.

Look at home advantage or away games

Home-ground advantage is a real thing that you can’t put your finger on. It’s not conclusive, which makes betting on tennis and other sports so much fun. As part of your tennis betting strategy, check out where each fixture is being played and which player will have the home advantage.

Look at win vs loss stats at the pitch played on

Tennis players’ statistical performance has to be looked at through three lenses: court, clay and grass. Before placing your tennis bets, check each player’s stats on the type of pitch they’re playing on, as this can also impact the game’s outcome.

Stay up to date with Tennis information

If you want to do well with betting on tennis, or any sports betting, it’s a good idea to immerse yourself in all things tennis.

Read the latest Tennis news

Read the latest tennis news articles, as well as articles about how tennis punters are predicting upcoming fixtures. You can follow along with your favourite sports news on our Bet Central platform.

Listen to sports betting podcasts

Another excellent source of tennis betting information are sports betting podcasts. Have a listen to our Podcast and discover a world of informative discussions about all things sports betting.

Read predictions and match analysis

Maximize your winning potential by reading predictions of upcoming matches, and match analysis of matches gone by. Brush up on your knowledge and learn sports betting at our Bet School.

Look at the Tennis pitch upkeep, changes to pitch and weather

Important information to get before placing tennis bets involves how well the pitch has been groomed in anticipation for upcoming fixtures. Equally important is keeping an eye on what the weather is doing on the day of the matches.

Understand betting markets

Knowing your tennis players and their form is a good idea for tennis betting success. More importantly is to understand the tennis betting markets you have to choose from. Below are only a few betting markets you can win big on with

·   Match winner

·   Correct score

·   Handicap games

·   Over/Under games

·   Sets spread

·   Moneyline

·   Over/Under total aces

·   Over/Under total sets

H2: Track your bets

Maximize your chances of striking gold with tennis betting on! Track your football bets by keeping a detailed record of all the bets you’ve placed in a given tennis season. Looking at your old bets, that may or may not have paid off, might help you avoid tennis betting mistakes and capitalise on opportunities in the future. 

Bet on Tennis online today with

Start winning big by betting on tennis online! offers a simple way to get the ball rolling and start placing winning tennis bets:

1.  Visit and click on the green ‘join now’ button

2.  Complete a short online profile setup

3.  Confirm your email address

Then you’re ready to start browsing the Tennis betting markets, filling up your virtual bet slips, and winning big. If you love sports as much as we do, then you’re going to love the platform! Visit our Bet Central information portal or find out about You should also check out our sports betting podcast, and learn the basics of sports betting on our Bet School!

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