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What is a Soccer Betting Market?

What is a Soccer Betting Market?

Soccer betting markets can be described as the bets on offer by a betting agent relating to a specific football match or tournament. For example, match winner is one market, and goals for/against is another market. Bettors will choose to bet money in the markets they feel confident in, and avoid others.

What is a betting market?

A betting market includes the individual bets and associated odds that bettors consult when placing bets on competitive events like soccer matches.

Soccer betting markets explained

There are over 70 markets on PSL matches alone on, and way more on leagues in Europe like the Champions League and the English Premier League. Some soccer betting markets are match-specific, like match winner or most goals at half time. Other markets are season-based, like predicting promotions or relegations.

How big is the football betting market?

The sports betting market is estimated to be worth between $67 billion and $72 billion.

Types of soccer betting markets

There are a number of soccer betting market types to pursue, each giving soccer fanatics in South Africa the chance to win big by making correct predictions. We’re taking a look at the 11 most popular soccer betting markets below:

Which market is best for soccer betting?

Most people betting on soccer will pursue a straight win bet, where the bettor simply predicts who will win the match.

Match result

This is the most common soccer bet, and there’s a reason. There are two selections: pick the team you think will win, or indicate you think the match will end in a draw.

Correct score 

If you know a team’s scoring habits, you can predict the score at the end of normal time and win big if you’re correct! There are multiple possible scorelines for each soccer match, so the odds are high.

Half time / Full time 

This soccer bet is also known as the ‘double result’ and involves predicting the result at both half-time and full-time of a particular football match. It’s a bet most useful when you’re expecting a tight game that will likely open up in the second half.

Draw no bet 

Here your bet will be similar to the match result bet, but there is no option to select a draw result. You pick a winner and wait to see the result. If it’s a draw, you get your money back.

Double chance

This type of football betting involves covering two of three possible soccer match outcomes with a single bet. Bet on home team and draw, away team and draw, or home team and away team. Like draw no bet, the odds are slightly shorter.

Total goals (over/under)

Here you have two options: predicting whether the total goals in a match will be more or less than the number of goals mentioned. There are only two possible outcomes (over or under) which makes this soccer bet highly popular.

First goal score

Like the name suggests, bettors choosing to bet in this soccer betting market will predict which team or player is going to score the first goal in the match. There’s also an option to choose ‘no goal scorer’ which predicts that no goals will be scored in normal time.

Anytime goalscorer

First goal scorer is limited to the ‘normal time’ during a soccer match. Anytime goalscorer opens the bet up to goals that are scored outside of normal time, like during overtime.

Total corners

Corners are pretty common in most soccer matches. Bettors who think they have the lucky numbers can bet on the total number of corners that will be taken in a soccer match.

Total cards 

Yellow cards are also familiar sights during football matches (sometimes also red). Bettors can win big with by predicting the number of cards that will be pulled from the ref’s pocket during a game.

Three Way moneyline 

Where standard moneyline bets make you choose a team to win, 3-way moneyline bets offer three options to bet on: win, lose, draw. Due to the low-scoring nature of the sport, this is an extremely popular soccer betting market to bet in.

How much should you bet when betting on soccer markets?

Nobody knows for certain which soccer betting market to place most attention (or money) on. Spreading the cash means more chance to win, but how much is enough? This article has some good advice:

  • Stick to one amount
    Before setting off on a betting spree, choose an amount of money that you can safely use for sports betting without it impacting your financial situation negatively.
  • Go no higher than 5%
    Professionals agree that restraint and patience are key to winning big when betting on sports like football. Make your bankroll last by spending no more than 5% of your total bankroll on any one bet.

Is soccer betting an investment?

While riskier for higher rewards, soccer betting is like securities investments where capital is placed and the investor hopes to generate a profit.

How to begin betting on soccer online

Share the thrill of betting on soccer online! offers a simple way to get the ball rolling and start placing winning soccer bets online:

  1. Visit and click on the green ‘join now’ button
  2. Complete a short online profile setup
  3. Confirm your email address

Once you’ve setup your free account, you can visit our soccer betting page to find all the current fixtures to bet on.

Stay updated with breaking international soccer fixtures by following what our in-house experts put out on Bet Central!

Keep an eye on the latest soccer news here: Soccer – Bet Central 

Dive deep into soccer betting market statistics with our Lab Stats centre, providing the information you need to place winning bets every season.

The Lab Stats Centre is our advanced soccer betting stats tool that helps you analyse all upcoming soccer matches from the major leagues around the world:

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