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Understanding Live Soccer Betting

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Remember the thrill we all felt bubble up inside us leading up to and during the 2010 Soccer World Cup? Watching live soccer matches is a thrill unlike anything else for soccer fans, and live soccer betting just ups the level of excitement around each fixture. In this article, we look at what is live soccer betting, the benefits of betting on live soccer, and a few live soccer betting strategies you can try when placing bets on

Can you live on soccer betting?

If you spread your bets across multiple matches, and choose to bet only on fixtures with the highest chance of winning, and be responsible with your bankroll – you can make a living from betting on soccer. However, you should only bet with money you can afford to lose.

What is Live Soccer Betting?

Live soccer betting, known to some as in-game or in-play betting, refers to bets placed while a football match is underway. This is an extremely popular form of betting for soccer fans because of the excitement that comes from watching your bet’s result play out before your eyes.

Live soccer betting is a lot of fun, but still requires an excellent knowledge of soccer, soccer leagues, the football clubs, the players and their habits. Live football betting is a highly strategic way of betting. For this reason you need a clear and unemotional preset strategy in order to win big and get the most of the live soccer betting experience.

Can I bet on live games online?

You can bet on live soccer games online by visiting and setting up your online profile.

Advantages of Live Soccer Betting

In our previous in-depth article on live in-play soccer betting, we unpack in detail the multiple benefits live soccer betting offers bettors. Read a quick overview below, or visit the article and get the full scoop!

  1. More chances to bet

In-play betting markets are only available during a soccer match, so following along live means you have more opportunities to place soccer bets and win big.

  1. More information to work with

Watching a live soccer match reveals details about team form, player morale, and other important betting factors that you won’t pick up on if not watching the game.

  1. Best chance of finding value

Pre-match betting odds are prone to change depending on how the soccer fixture plays out. Keeping track during the game means you can capitalize on shifting odds.

  1. Cover your pre-match bets

Most sports betting agents will let you cash-out during a soccer match if you’ve placed a risky pre-match bet and you can see it isn’t going to pay out. If you’re not watching the game, this won’t be an option.

Live Soccer Betting Strategies

There’s no doubt that betting on live soccer matches offers you many advantages over simply placing bets before the game and hoping for the best. Below we’re offering up six live soccer betting strategies you should be aware of before placing your first live soccer bet:

How do you win soccer bets?

The easiest way to win a soccer bet is to bet in the ‘draw no bet’ market. If your team wins, you win, if they lose, you lose. If they draw, you get your money back.

Watch the games

Step one to placing winning live soccer bets is to actually watch football matches where the teams you want to bet on are playing. You can read 100 articles about a team’s form, but the quickest way to find out is by actually watching them play 90 minutes against a closely-matched team.

Use previous data

Follow along with soccer streaks and dive deep into a team’s previous performances to gain insights before placing bets. If your team has a habit of losing games away from home against their rivals, it might be risky betting on them winning their next away fixture.

No guessing

Betting on live soccer is not a guessing game. In fact, the word guess shouldn’t even be in your vocabulary when betting on football! For the best chance of success, remove guesswork and place bets only on sound research and carefully informed decisions.

What is the safest soccer bet?

The safest soccer bet is arguably the ‘draw no bet’ market, where you have a 66% chance of winning or keeping your money, and only a 33% chance of losing it.

Consider hedging

Hedging your bets is one way to make sure that you get something in return for your live soccer bets. This involves placing bets on both teams to win, so you are guaranteed that one of your bets will pay out. This is an advanced betting strategy that should really be researched before being attempted in a live match context.

Factor in motivation

Everyone knows that soccer isn’t played on paper – it’s played on grass. No matter what the odds are for or against a team, motivation is a factor no punter can safely predict. For example, history is rife with examples of underdogs – with oodles of motivation – thumping their clear favourite rivals. With enough motivation, any soccer team can cause an upset result.

Can I make money in soccer betting?

You can make money in soccer betting if you are careful with your bankroll, only pursue bets that have a high chance of generating a return, and keep researching teams and their performance.


Another winning live soccer betting strategy is to find the bets that are most likely to result in wins. This involves experimenting with different bets to see where your predicting strengths lie. Once you’ve found your niche, where you’ve had the best results over time, you have a winning strategy in place.

How do I bet on live betting?

You need a account, and you need to be on our betting platform while a live soccer match is underway. Watch how the odds shift as the game unfolds, and add bets to your virtual slip as and when you’d like. But act fast – the odds are guaranteed to shift again. 

How to begin betting on live soccer online

Enjoy the overwhelming excitement of live soccer betting online! gives you an easy way to bet on soccer online, and multiple opportunities to start winning big:

  1. Visit and click on the green ‘join now’ button
  2. Complete a short online profile setup
  3. Confirm your email address

Once you have your free profile, you can visit the soccer betting page. You’ll find all the current and upcoming soccer matches to bet on.

Stay updated with happenings in the soccer universe by following our sports experts on our blog, Bet Central!

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