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Soccer Betting Strategies

Soccer Balls_ Soccer Betting Strategies

Some people believe that there is no strategy involved with soccer betting. Others believe that, without strategy, you’re just throwing money down the toilet. The truth is that applying soccer betting strategies gives you a serious advantage over bettors who rely on nothing but guesswork and gut feeling. In this article we look at what is a soccer betting strategy, how having a betting strategy helps you win, and 10 examples of strategies to use when betting on soccer: 

What is a soccer betting strategy?

A soccer betting strategy involves the strategic placing of carefully considered sports bets on upcoming or in-progress soccer matches. It involves taking a data-driven approach to betting on football, where all factors are considered and a solid plan is devised by the bettor to maximize their chances of getting a return on their investments.

What is the most profitable soccer betting strategy?

Betting on goals scored is arguably the most profitable soccer betting strategy. This is a risk-averse bet that can pay out even if your team loses the match.

How will having a soccer betting strategy help me win?

This depends on your definition of ‘winning’ when it comes to soccer betting. Winning can either mean winning a single soccer bet, or going home with a profit at the end of the week, month, or season. Regardless, going into almost anything with a strategy in place is better than going in without a plan. Strategies help us stick to a plan even when our emotions start to get the better of us. Strategies help to guide our actions in the case of live in-play betting. With soccer betting strategies in place, you will make better betting decisions and avoid depleting your bankroll prematurely.

How do you always win in soccer betting?

Maximise your chances of always winning your soccer bets by paying attention to the popular odds and following soccer betting tipsters.xx

Examples of soccer betting strategies

Corner betting

Betting on corners is among the latest types of soccer gambling, and a bit of research can lead to big payouts. Keep track of how many corners a team wins on average in every game, and use this data when deciding on what your next soccer bet will be. 

Double chance betting

For more risk-averse sports betting fans, betting on the double chance is a great way to safely turn a profit when betting on soccer. Betting on two outcomes increases the probability of winning by 33.3%. When betting using double chance, the odds are lower, so you need to place a higher stake to win decent money.


Arguably the most common strategy sports bettors use, betting on the favourites has been providing returns for punters for a very long time. Simply do some research into who the favourites are to win a particular sporting event – and bet on them.

Consider smaller bets 

This strategy ties in with proper bankroll management. Since most soccer betting fans bet with modest bankrolls, it makes sense to limit your bets to smaller amounts. You don’t want to blow it all on one bet that decimates your bankroll. The pros suggest staking no more than 5% of total bankroll on any individual bet.

Number of goals scored 

Want to increase your soccer betting win percentage considerably? Do research into your favourite team’s scoring habits, looking at average goals per match (conceded and scored). Finding a pattern in the soccer stats could make betting on number of goals scored your winning betting strategy.

Pre-Season Betting Strategy

Pre-season betting strategies involve preparing for a soccer betting season before it kicks off. You’re doing research on transfers, managerial changes, injuries, etc. You’re starting to place small ante-post bets on who you think will be the top goal scorer, who will be relegated, or who you think will win the league.

Win-Draw-Win Strategy

The win-draw-win betting strategy gives punters more than one chance to get a return. You can bet on a home team win, a draw, or the away team to win. Since there are often upsets in soccer, using the win-draw-win and bravely betting on the underdog could pay out big.

Using predictions to bet on soccer

You don’t want to blindly follow the crowd, but listening to what expert soccer bettors have to say could point you in a lucrative direction. Read the latest soccer news, see winning streaks, and browse in-depth soccer betting stats on Bet Central.

Backing both teams to score

The idea behind this is to minimize risk of losses by betting on both teams scoring. It involves some research, cherry-picking fixtures where teams are closely matched and they both have a good scoring record. This soccer betting strategy can lead to handsome payouts when done well.

Following trends

Does your favourite soccer team historically turn up the heat in the second half of a season? Is a rival team prone to losing soccer matches when playing in the rain? These trends and others can be identified and leveraged for big wins under the right circumstances.

What is the safest soccer bet?

The ‘draw no bet’ market is arguably the safest soccer bet, since you only have a 33% chance of losing your money (33% chance of winning & 33% chance of your stake being returned).

How to begin betting on soccer online

Start enjoying the excitement of betting on soccer online! gives you an easy way to implement your winning soccer betting strategy today:

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