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How to Bet on Soccer Online

How to Bet on Soccer Online

Want to strike it lucky with online soccer betting? If you’re just starting out, you’re probably looking for a ‘how to bet on soccer’ guide. You’re in luck – this article offers up a few things to know about betting on soccer online. Learn the different types of soccer bets, how to pick the best soccer betting markets, what influences a soccer match’s outcome, and mistakes to avoid when betting on soccer.

How do you bet on soccer online?

Start betting on soccer online by setting up a profile with an online sports betting agent like

Know the different types of soccer bets available

  • Match result

A match result bet involves predicting which football team is going to win the match, or if it’s going to end in a draw.

  • Correct score

This type of soccer bet is about predicting the correct final score of the game.

  • Half time/full time

Here bettors are given two chances to cash in, by predicting what the scores will be at half time and full time.

  • Draw no bet

This soccer bet is like the match result bet, but there is no option to predict a draw. Instead, a draw leads to the bettor’s stake being returned.

  • Double chance

Here you’re covering two of three possible outcomes with a single bet. Bet on home team and draw, away team and draw, or home team and away team.

  • Total goals (over/under)

Predict whether the goals in a soccer match will be over or under the number of goals mentioned.

  • First goal score

Here you’re betting on which soccer team or individual player is going to be the first to score in the match (during normal time).

  • Anytime goalscorer

This soccer bet lets you bet on a player or team to score at any time.

  • Total corners

You can bet on the total number of corners that will be taken in the match.

  • Total cards

Place bets on how many cards will be produced by referees during the game.

Decide on your chosen soccer betting markets

Now comes the fun part: deciding on which soccer betting markets to place bets on. Start by looking at your strengths and weaknesses in terms of football knowledge. Are you a casual soccer watcher? Then you’re more likely to succeed betting on match results. Bettors diving into the soccer betting statistics of each team, looking at the form of key players, can win big on more than one football betting market.

How do I bet on soccer?

Betting on soccer can be done through an online sports betting agent or in person at any venue offering the opportunity to bet on sports.

Know what can affect soccer matches

To win big making correct soccer betting predictions, you’ll want to know what’s going to influence the matches (and ultimately the odds). Get the latest soccer news on our platform, and stay updated so you know where to place your bets.


How well have your favourite soccer teams been performing lately? Their recent form could give an indication of how well they might perform should their team situation not change for the better by match day.

Head to head records 

Football teams play each other multiple times each season, sometimes in different local and international soccer leagues. How well they’ve done against each other previously will also play a role in what might happen.

Play styles 

Soccer teams deploy a number of playing styles when taking on opponents, with some styles being dominant against certain styles – and not so dominant when up against others.

Home and away records 

A soccer team’s ability to win matches away from home is an important factor influencing how bettors place their soccer bets when their favourite teams are travelling.


The weather has a big influence on outdoor field-based ball sports. You can look at weather forecasts before placing your bets, and hope the weatherman gets it right.


Sometimes games are won thanks to individual player brilliance. Player form and fitness level going into games reveal how they might play on match day.

Player injuries 

Injuries to soccer players will impact the team’s chances of victory, and bettors know this well. It pays to stay updated on which players are injured and how their recovery is going.

Where can I place a soccer bet?

To place online soccer bets, visit To place in-person soccer bets, visit your nearest venue housing a sports betting agency.

Be aware of these mistakes

Don’t misunderstand values 

Betting odds are displayed in a number of ways, and how they are show depends on the betting agency. Get to know how all the betting odds (fractional, decimal, etc.) work before starting to place your soccer bets.

Keep emotion out of it – Rely on facts

Sport is an emotional thing, but sports betting shouldn’t be. Bookmark a sports betting stats centre to keep an eye on the numbers. You can also get soccer streaks information to add to your betting research.

Don’t follow the majority

Betting on soccer shouldn’t be only following what everyone else is doing. Chasing the smoke often leads to upset for many, many people. Do solid research and make informed betting decisions based on your own judgments.

Never stop research 

Don’t fall into the trap of making soccer betting decisions in a silo. Listen to what our sports betting experts have to say about upcoming soccer matches on the Bet Central Podcast. You’ll also find a treasure chest of information and resources on

How can I bet on soccer online in South Africa?

Start by searching for a reputable online sports betting agent. Easily start to bet on soccer online by visiting

Start betting on soccer online with

Get started to enjoy the excitement of betting on soccer online! gives you an easy way to bet on soccer and start winning big:

  1. Visit and click on the green ‘join now’ button
  2. Complete a short online profile setup
  3. Confirm your email address

Once you have your free profile, you can go to our soccer betting page and see all the current soccer fixtures to place bets on.

Stay in the loop with what’s happening in the soccer universe by following our sports experts on Bet Central!

Look closer into soccer betting market statistics with the Lab Stats centre, giving you the information you need to place winning soccer bets online.

The Lab Stats Centre is our advanced soccer betting stats tool that helps you analyse all upcoming soccer matches from the major leagues around the world:

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