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Basic Soccer Betting Tips

Basic Soccer Betting Tips

Betting on soccer is something millions of people take part in across the planet – every single day. There are always soccer matches being played, which means countless opportunities to make predictions and win big! Soccer betting can be a lucrative way to spend your free time, and you can really maximise your winning chances by doing some research before getting started. That’s why we’ve published this basic soccer betting tips guide.

How do you successfully bet in soccer?

Learn everything there is to know about soccer and soccer betting, read match stats, follow along with the streaks, listen to what the biggest punters are predicting, and make calculated choices without emotion.

Have a budget

Before starting to place your soccer bets, think about how much money you can safely add to your soccer betting bankroll without landing in financial trouble. Having a sports betting budget helps you to remain in control of your bankroll – especially when the stakes are high and you are making decisions on the fly.

Bet responsibly

An overall budget is good to establish when betting on football, but the last thing you want is to blow it all on a ‘Hail Mary’ bet that leads to an instant loss of your entire bankroll. Sports betting experts suggest that, to make your bankroll last and remain responsible when betting on soccer, limit your per-bet stake to 5% of total bankroll.

Bet on what you know

Not all soccer fans are made equally. Some are passionate about their team and their team only, knowing intricate details and streaks of each player. Others take a general approach, getting to know the whole pool of teams, their strengths and their weaknesses. When betting on soccer, bet on the teams and players you know the best, and in the betting markets you fully understand.

What is the best strategy for football betting?

The most profitable football betting strategies are arbitrage betting, matched betting, and value betting.

Stay up to date

Soccer betting is so popular, especially when tournaments are being played, that to keep up with what’s going on requires constantly researching. One player injury can change the course of an entire league season, so having handy soccer news resources close by will help you keep updated. This means you can make the best, most informed soccer betting decisions, instead of having to guess.

Pay attention to stats 

It’s impossible to watch every single football match being played. What is possible, though, is keeping track of each team’s performance and any streaks they may be on. offers soccer betting fans The Lab – soccer statistics portal that’s free for you to use.

Which is the best site for betting tips?

The number one international website for betting tips is Free Super Tips ( For local sports betting advice, choose

Read the latest soccer news 

Need a daily roundup of all the soccer results from fixtures being played in your favourite football leagues? Polish your soccer betting by staying updated with match results when you can’t watch live. Check out our Bet Central Soccer News portal, where you’ll find a wealth of breaking soccer news and information to help you place the best soccer bets on!

Listen to sports betting podcasts

Reading the latest football news is great for staying updated on soccer results. But what about keeping track of what the punters are discussing around upcoming fixtures? By listening to episodes of The Bet Central Podcast, you get to hear unique insights from professional sports bettors that might just have the advice you need to strike gold on your next bet slip.

Read predictions and match analysis 

Soccer match predictions and match analysis come in a variety of formats. The more you listen, read, and watch what soccer betting experts are predicting – the better your chances of winning big. Read football predictions, stay updated with the latest soccer news, and read proven sports betting tips on our sports betting information portal, Bet Central.

Which soccer prediction site is the best?

PredictZ ( is considered by many to be the world’s best free soccer prediction site.

Understand betting markets

Knowing your soccer teams and players well is a good idea for soccer betting success. But more important still is to understand the individual and multiple football betting markets to choose from. Below are only a few betting markets you can enjoy on

  • Match winner
  • 2nd half goals
  • Total goals
  • Both teams to score
  • Spread (3 way)
  • Draw no bet
  • Asian handicap
  • Total corners
  • Team clean sheet
  • Moneyline
  • Over/Under

Track your bets

A final tactic to maximise your chances of winning big with soccer betting on is tracking your football bets. This involves keeping a detailed record of all the bets you’ve placed in a given soccer season. Looking back on previous bets, that may or may not have paid off, will help you avoid mistakes and capitalise on opportunities in future.

Bet on soccer online today

Start winning big with soccer betting online! offers a simple way to get the ball rolling and start placing winning soccer bets:

  1. Visit and click on the green ‘join now’ button
  2. Complete a short online profile setup
  3. Confirm your email address

Once you’ve setup your free account, you can visit our soccer betting page to find all the current fixtures to bet on.

Stay updated with breaking international soccer fixtures by following what our in-house experts put out on Bet Central!

Keep an eye on the latest soccer news here: Soccer – Bet Central 

Dive deep into soccer betting market statistics with our Lab Stats Centre, providing the information you need to place winning bets every season.

The Lab Stats Centre is our advanced soccer betting stats tool that helps you analyse upcoming soccer matches from the major leagues around the world:

The Lab – Stats Centre – Soccer Betting Stats – Bet Central

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