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What is an Ice Hockey Betting Market?

Ice hockey is one of the most fast-paced, thrilling sports played on ice. It’s probably also the most violent, with regular scuffles breaking out on the ice in almost every game. That’s just one reason why we love the game so much, and that love is even stronger when we start making predictions about ice hockey outcomes and winning big when we get it right. So, what is an ice hockey betting market, what types of betting markets are available when betting on ice hockey, and how do you get started with betting on ice hockey in South Africa? Let’s take a look…

What is a betting market?

Betting markets can also be referred to as the types of bets you can place on a given sport or activity. Examples of betting markets include Over/Under, Total Goals, and First Team to Score.

Ice Hockey Betting Markets Explained

When you want to bet on a specific ice hockey team to win, say, the Stanley Cup, you’ll be placing a bet in a Tournament Winner betting market (predicting the winner of the tournament). All other sports fans who decide to bet the same way you do will be pooling their resources into a single market, and winners will be paid out from the pool while losers will forfeit their wager. There are many betting markets available when betting on ice hockey – including exciting live betting markets that activate only once a fixture is underway.

How do I get started?

The first step to betting in an ice hockey betting market is to claim your free profile (for online ice hockey betting) or by visiting your nearest sports bookmaker. Here you can browse all the available betting markets for a given tournament or fixture, and by starting small with simple markets, you can build up your ice hockey betting skills and eventually move on to more complex betting markets involving parlays and other high-level betting techniques. 

Is Ice Hockey betting an investment?

Betting on ice hockey can definitely be seen as an investment. You’re investing your time and your money into something you are passionate about, you can end up winning if you stick to your budget, place smart bets, and invest in doing research.

Types of ice Hockey Betting Markets

Now that you know a bit more about what betting markets are, take a look at the five most popular ice hockey betting markets you can bet on below.


The moneyline betting market lets you bet on a hockey match at a given price instead of relying on a point spread. If the team you bet on wins outright, regardless of what the final score is, your moneyline wager will pay out.

Puck line

The puck line betting market is hockey’s version of a point spread system. This describes the spread betting option in a given ice hockey match. -1.5 goals for the favourite to win and +1.5 for the underdog to win is where the puck line sits. 


If you’re betting on ice hockey, you can also bet on the total goals that you predict will be scored in a given fixture. Totals need your prediction to be over or under a specific number of goals set by oddsmakers, with totals usually set between 5 and 6.5.

H3: Parlays (multi-bets)

A parlay bet in ice hockey betting involves combining a bunch of bets together into one big bet that can pay out much more than if you were to place the bets individually.

Prop Betting

Prop betting, or proposition bets, are bets that are taken before a fixture or tournament takes place. You’re betting on future outcomes which can often yield much more lucrative payouts. 

Which market is best for Ice Hockey betting?

The most popular betting market among ice hockey betting fans is the Moneyline bet, followed by the Puckline betting market.

How Much Should you Bet when Betting on Ice Hockey Markets?

An important element to your ice hockey betting strategy should include your betting budget for the match, the playoffs, or the entire season. When you set a budget and stick to it, your bankroll will last longer, giving you more opportunities to win.

Stick to one amount

Think about how much you could realistically wager on bets if you were to bet on every game. Try and set yourself one amount per match that you will spend – and no more than that. 

Go no higher than 5%

Most expert sports punters will reveal, if you ask them, that it’s recommended to not exceed 5% of your total bankroll on any single bet. This is a good rule of thumb to follow if you want to make your bankroll last the entire season.

How big is the Ice Hockey betting market?

Ice hockey is an immensely popular sports betting market across the planet, with between $15-billion and $25-billion being spent betting on ice hockey each year.

How to Begin Betting on Ice Hockey Online

Ready to make watching ice hockey so much more thrilling? Begin betting on ice hockey online today simply by visiting and registering your free account. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Visit and click on the green ‘join now’ button
  2. Complete a short online profile setup
  3. Confirm your email address

Once your free sports betting account is up and running, visit our ice hockey betting page to discover all the international ice hockey fixtures you can start betting on immediately.

Stay updated with all the ice hockey news and the trends in ice hockey betting by following what the in-house experts publish on Bet Central!

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