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Ice Hockey Betting Strategies

The pucks have been polished and the ice has been flattened. All that’s left to do is to get the ice hockey season going with a bang! If you’re hoping to make more of a splash when betting on sports this year, try ice hockey betting for an added thrill. But before you dive into all things ice hockey betting, we think it’s important to look at a few tried and tested betting strategies. So, what is an ice hockey betting strategy, how can they help you win more bets, and how can you get started with betting on ice hockey today? You’re about to find out!

What is an Ice Hockey Betting Strategy?

Strategies have been commonplace in sporting battles since the dawn of sport itself. Even before sport was a way for nations to settle their differences without the use of weapons, the greatest generals and conquerors were using clever strategies to win at their endeavors. When it comes to ice hockey betting, a strategy is no less important to your success. An ice hockey betting strategy details the approach you will take to your betting. It’s a plan that documents how much you have to spend, how much you’ll be spending on each bet, which betting markets you’ll be focusing on, etc.

How do you always win in Ice Hockey betting?

The easiest way to ensure you’re always winning something when betting on ice hockey is to hedge your bets. This means placing wagers on both outcomes of a given ice hockey fixture.

How can an Ice Hockey betting strategy help you win?

You’ve heard the saying: “failing to plan means you’re planning to fail.” When it comes to ice hockey betting, it’s no different, and having a solid betting strategy when going into an ice hockey betting session will seriously improve your chances of winning. 

Help to secure more successful bets

When you’ve got a sound ice hockey betting strategy in place, taking into account other betting strategies that have helped punters succeed in the past, you’re setting yourself up for more successful bets with a winning strategy that has been proven.

Long-term bets become more predictable

A betting strategy is also going to help anyone betting on ice hockey to predict the outcomes of long-term bets more successfully. A strategy can also set you up for long-term betting success – especially if you’re listening to sports betting experts and incorporating their suggestions.

Better profitability

Sports betting strategies can also facilitate better profitability when betting on ice hockey. If you have a strategy focused on finding high-value bets, and you’re winning those bets more frequently, you will inevitably improve your overall sports betting profitability. 

What is the most profitable betting strategy?

Arbitrage betting involves betting on all possible outcomes of a sports fixture, which guarantees a profit.

Examples of Ice Hockey Betting Strategies

A number of ice hockey betting strategies are used by punters to maximise their chances of striking it big. It’s much better to have a strategy than to go in without a plan of action. We’re unpacking seven common examples of ice hockey betting strategies below.

Double chance betting

Double chance betting is like arbitrage betting – or arbing – and involves betting on two outcomes of a fixture instead of one. In other words, you’re guaranteed to win something if you’re betting on all possible outcomes.

Consider team travelling and match times

By considering team travelling and match times, you get a clearer picture of where teams are playing and if their strengths will be a factor or not. Some teams play better at home, while others really shine when playing away from home.

Place smaller bets

Placing smaller bets is one sports betting strategy that can really pay off in the long run. By placing smaller bets in higher value betting markets, your bankroll lasts longer and you end up with more opportunities to win and make a profit.

Look at stats that matter

Every sports betting fan knows that if you’re not looking closely at the stats before planning your betting strategy, you’re not going to make it as far as you could. Statistics can yield opportunities to place high value bets that other punters might not recognise.

Using predictions to bet on ice hockey

Predictions are endless when it comes to sports betting, because everyone thinks they know what the outcome will be. By listening to sports betting podcasts and reading expert sports betting predictions, you’re bolstering your strategy with professional opinions instead of just heresay.

Line matchups

The group of forwards in a hockey match are arguably the most important players, and how the lines from each team compare can give you an idea of what the scoring rate between them might be. This could be valuable information to include in your sports betting strategy.

Following trends

When you keep a close eye on trends in the ice hockey betting world, and you can jump on the opportunities they award before most other punters take notice, you can set yourself up for big wins every season. 

What is the safest Ice Hockey bet?

The safest ice hockey bet is arguably the double chance bet, where you are guaranteed to win something regardless of the match outcome.

How to Begin Betting on Ice Hockey Online

Want to make watching ice hockey much, much more exciting for you and your squad? Get your ice hockey betting strategy ready and begin betting on ice hockey online today. All you need to do is visit and register your free account. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Visit and click on the green ‘join now’ button
  2. Complete a short online profile setup
  3. Confirm your email address

Once you’ve claimed your sports betting account and it’s up and running, visit the ice hockey betting page to uncover the most popular ice hockey fixtures happening around the world – which you can start betting on right away.

Stay updated with all the ice hockey news and the trends in ice hockey betting by following what the in-house experts publish on Bet Central!

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