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How to Bet on Ice Hockey Online

Scratching your head wondering how to bet on ice hockey online? Let’s be real: betting on sports is absolutely thrilling. If you’re a sports fan with a competitive streak, betting on ice hockey could be your new favourite way to flex amongst your friends and claim bragging rights as the sports fundi of your group. Take a look at the types of ice hockey bets available, the best markets to bet in, common ice hockey betting mistakes, and how to start betting on ice hockey online below.

How do I bet on Ice Hockey?

There are two ways you can bet on ice hockey. The first way is to visit your nearest sports bookmaker and place in-person bets on ice hockey. The second way is to bet on ice hockey online through an internet-based platform like

Types of Ice Hockey Bets Available  

What ice hockey bet types are available to punters hoping to up the excitement while watching their favourite winter sport?

Moneyline / Match Winner

A money line bet or match winner bet in ice hockey replaces a point spread bet as seen in other sports betting markets. Money line betting requires wagering on a hockey match based on a given price instead of a spread of points. The team being wagered on will have to win outright, regardless of what the final score is.

Top Scorer

Think you know your ice hockey players well? If you can identify streaking players, and predict which ones will score like their life depends on it during an ice hockey fixture, you can strike it lucky when betting on ice hockey and wagering in the Top Scorer betting market.

Point Spread (Puckline) 

The puck line bet can be understood as ice hockey’s point spread bet. It is a betting term describing the spread betting option in an ice hockey fixture. The puck line is -1.5 goals for the favourite to win and +1.5 for the underdog to win. 

Props and Futures 

Props are also known as “proposition bets”. These are bets ice hockey fans can place on specific outcomes in each fixture. These props could include which team will score first, which player will score the most goals, and which goalkeeper will make the most saves. 

In-Play Betting

This is where the thrill of online ice hockey betting is taken up 200%! In-play betting, as the name suggests, involves placing quick-fire bets on specific match outcomes – while the fixture is taking place. These can include which player will score the next goal or which team will make the most substitutes.

Over/Under (Game totals)

Ice hockey punters can also predict and bet on the total goals in a match, being over or under a specific number set by the sports oddsmakers. Totals are usually set between 5 and 6.5, but it depends, among others, on the teams playing.

How do you bet on Ice Hockey online?

You can easily bet on ice hockey online by registering a free account with an online sports entertainment and betting website like

Choose your Ice Hockey Betting Markets

Now that you know the types of bets you can place on ice hockey, you can choose your ice hockey betting markets. Below are some of the most popular ice hockey betting markets you can wager on when using the online ice hockey betting platform:

  • Match winner
  • Team goals total
  • First goal
  • Tie no bet
  • Both teams to score
  • Winning margin
  • Goal scorers
  • Race to 2, 3 4 and 5 goals
  • Time of first goal
  • Highest scoring period

Where can I place an Ice Hockey bet?

Anyone can place an ice hockey bet anywhere in the world! You can place bets on sports like ice hockey by visiting your nearest sports betting establishment (in person) or by using interactive platforms like (online).

Know What can Affect Ice Hockey Matches 

As you’ll already know, there are countless factors that can impact the outcome of a sporting fixture. It’s no different with ice hockey, and keeping these in mind when betting on ice hockey could be your ticket to big wins!

Ice conditions

Believe it or not, the temperature of the ice that an ice hockey match is being played on can impact the game in a big way. Colder ice allows the players to gain much faster speeds, while warmer ice is more suited to ice skating as skaters glide across the ice a bit slower.

Head-to-head records 

How well have the matched-up ice hockey teams done when playing against each other historically? Knowing head-to-head records can give you an idea of how the teams might perform against each other in upcoming matches.


Another important consideration when betting on ice hockey online is to consider each team’s play style. For example, two defense-oriented teams going head to head will likely score fewer goals than, say, two ice hockey teams that are focused on scoring goals instead of defending them. 

Home and away records 

Before deciding on the bets you want to place on ice hockey matches, do some research into where each fixture is taking place and each team’s record when playing at home versus when playing away. You might uncover high-value betting opportunities that could result in big wins. 

Team lineup

Knowing which players are playing in each match, and who has been benched, can help you in your decision-making when betting on ice hockey. For example, it would be good to know if a team’s star scorer is sitting a match out before betting on that team. 

Player injuries 

Knowing which players are injured before placing your bets is also going to help you find high-value bets and assist with your decision-making. In this regard, it would also pay off to watch ice hockey matches live to see if players pick up small injuries that could get worse the next time they hit the ice. 

Team history on playing in certain rinks

This consideration is similar to the home versus away record. Some teams love certain rinks, while others might fear them. It depends on the experiences they’ve had on those slabs of ice, and knowing how teams are likely to perform in certain rinks could help you place better bets. 

How can I bet on Ice Hockey online in South Africa?

The easiest and most entertaining way to bet on ice hockey in South Africa is to either visit your nearest in-person sports betting location or to bet on ice hockey online using a platform like

Be Aware of Ice Hockey Betting Mistakes 

Inexperienced sports bettors are inevitably going to make their fair share of ice hockey betting mistakes when starting out. But you’re not going to be one of them, because we’ve listed a bunch of mistakes to avoid below: 

Don’t misunderstand values 

A common mistake people betting on ice hockey for the first time make is to misunderstand the values attached to each betting market. Knowing how to read the betting lines correctly means instantly being able to read which bets are going to be high value and which ones to stay away from. 

Keep emotion out of it – Rely on facts 

Avoid placing your ice hockey wagers based on the way you feel about players or teams. Winning ice hockey bets takes research, careful consideration, and looking at the facts of the matter. Sometimes the smart bet might be betting against your favourite team, and if you’re in it to win, that’s something you should be comfortable doing. 

Don’t follow the majority

Favourites are favourites for a reason, and you can bet on most ice hockey punters betting on the favourite. However, the favourite doesn’t always win, and upsets are common in every sport on the planet. Sometimes the highest value bets are those that haven’t been spotted by the majority. 


Another mistake to avoid when betting on ice hockey is to not do enough research before finalising your wagers. Researching can include listening to sports betting podcasts, reading news from the world of sports betting, and accessing free sports betting tips on platforms like Bet Central from 

Know the Teams Strengths and Weaknesses

A final mistake to avoid is to forget about researching each team’s strengths and weaknesses. Not all ice hockey teams play the same way, and their strengths and weaknesses will shift from season to season. Get to know your teams well before placing bets on them – it could be the difference between winning and losing.

Start Betting on Ice Hockey Online with

Want to start betting on ice hockey online right now? gives you the chance to do just that! We offer an interactive online sports entertainment platform which lets you bet on sports and rake in big wins by predicting the outcomes of ice hockey fixtures. All you need is a South African ID and a love for sports. is a sports website managed by passionate punters in the name of making your favourite sports much more exciting with betting markets. Bet on your favourite ice hockey teams playing anywhere in the world, in all of the major ice hockey tournaments and leagues, from the palm of your hand (on mobile) or from your desk (computer).

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