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Basic Ice Hockey Betting Tips

Can’t get enough of ice hockey leagues like the NHL? Lose yourself in excitement every time the Winter Olympics roll around? We’ve got good news for you if you’re an ice hockey fan and you enjoy the thrill of betting on fast-paced sports like ice hockey. Bet on ice hockey and give yourself the best chance of hitting the jackpot by following our online ice hockey bet tips below!

How do you successfully bet in Ice Hockey?

Successfully betting on ice hockey can be done through an in-person sports bookmaker or conveniently online using an online ice hockey betting platform like

Have a Betting Budget

Before you place your first bet on ice hockey, consider setting a strict budget for yourself. This can be a daily budget, a weekly budget, or an ice hockey betting budget that will apply for the entire tournament or season.

Bet Smart

Betting on ice hockey online and succeeding long-term takes careful budget management and placing smart bets every time. These are bets that you identify as having the highest value and lowest risk.

Stay within budget

It’s great to set yourself an ice hockey betting budget but staying within that budget is the hardest part. If you’re strict with yourself and follow your budget, your sports betting bankroll will last longer, and you’ll have more chances of betting and winning!

Bet Responsibly 

What does responsible betting look like? Sports betting traps that too many punters fall into include placing bets on impulse, betting under pressure, or betting without doing the due diligence of researching and considering betting markets before placing their bets.

Bet on What you Know and the Research you’ve Collected 

Basic ice hockey betting tips include the importance of betting on what you know and basing your bets on collected research. For example, if you are a walking encyclopedia on the National Hockey League (NHL), then focus your betting strategy there. When we start betting on teams and fixtures we aren’t too sure about, we are more likely to lose.

Stay up to date with Ice Hockey Betting News 

Ice hockey betting is a thrilling hobby that can become a full-time career. One aspect of winning your ice hockey bets involves keeping yourself in the know as far as news about what’s happening in the ice hockey betting universe.

Pay attention to stats 

Keeping an eye on ice hockey players and team statistics will help you get a better picture of which players and teams are on winning streaks, and which are crashing and burning.

Read the latest news 

Online ice hockey betting success can also be realised when we read the latest news pertaining to ice hockey, upcoming ice hockey fixtures, and how other punters are gauging each fixture.

Listen to sports betting podcasts

Sports betting podcasts like our Bet Central Podcast are direct sources of expert sports betting information that can be extremely helpful to consider when deciding on which ice hockey bets to place for the best chance of success.

Follow predictions and match analysis

The fastest way to discover potentially big jackpot ice hockey bets is to follow the predictions of experts and listen closely to the inevitable match analysis that will come before every ice hockey fixture.

Which Ice Hockey prediction site is the best?
If you’re hoping to get expert ice hockey fixture predictions online, is widely considered the best ice hockey prediction site.

Live broadcasts and podcasts offer valuable information 

How better to see the true form of a team than by watching them play live? Also, as mentioned above, ice hockey podcasts – whether local podcasts or international ones – are also valuable sources of information.

Best Ice Hockey Leagues For Online Betting

There are so many ice hockey leagues in the world, you’d need a humongous bankroll to bet on all of them at once! These are the best ice hockey leagues for online betting:

The Winter Olympics

The first Winter Olympics was held in France back in 1924. This is a major international sporting gathering bringing together the best of the best in sports that are played on ice or snow – including ice hockey. Like the regular Olympics, the Winter Olympics takes place once every four years.

The World Championships 

The IIHF World Championship is an annual international men’s hockey tournament that was first held at the 1920 Summer Olympics. It is considered the most prestigious event on the ice hockey roster, watched and loved by millions across the globe.

National Hockey League (NHL)

The NHL is an iconic North American ice hockey league that comprises 25 ice hockey teams from the United States and 7 teams from Canada. It is widely considered the top-ranked professional ice hockey league on the planet.

Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)

The KHL is a popular ice hockey league that spans the east of Europe and Asia. Founded in 2008, the Kontinental Hockey League comprises 22 teams hailing from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and China.

What is the best strategy for Ice Hockey Betting?

The best strategy for ice hockey betting involves establishing a budget, betting responsibly, doing research and following ice hockey betting news and predictions.

Top Ice Hockey Bets

Placing a winning online ice hockey bet can also depend on the specific type of bet you place.

Money Line

A money line bet in ice hockey takes the place of a point spread bet as seen in other sports betting markets. Money line betting involves wagering on the contest based on a given price instead of a point spread. The team you bet on has to win the fixture outright, regardless of the final score.

Puck Line

The puck line is an ice hockey betting term used to describe the spread betting option in an ice hockey game. The puck line is -1.5 goals for the favourite to win and +1.5 for the underdog. 

Goal Totals

Try betting on the total number of goals scored between two ice hockey teams. The totals are usually set between 5.5 and 6.5 goals. When bookies set the line at 5.5 goals, both hockey teams will need to score more than six goals between them for a winning bet on the Over.

Track your bets 

A final basic ice hockey betting tip is to always track your bets. This can mean keeping a detailed log or ledger of all the ice hockey bets you’ve placed during a given tournament or season. This will help you to keep track of your winning and losing bets, including how much of your bankroll you’re spending and how much you have left.

Which is the best site for betting tips?

The best site for betting tips in South Africa is’s Bet Central portal, where expert sports bettors publish regular articles about upcoming fixtures and the best bets to take on them.

Bet on Ice Hockey Online Today 

Looking for a fun, rewarding way to bet on ice hockey online? just levelled up the online ice hockey betting game in South Africa! We offer an online, interactive betting platform which facilitates big wins by predicting the outcomes of ice hockey matches, tournaments and leagues being played on ice throughout the world. All you need is a South African ID and a passion for your favourite sports. is a sports entertainment website built and managed by passionate punters, for punters, in the name of making your favourite sports much more exciting. Take your ice hockey-watching thrills to new heights when predicting ice hockey fixture outcomes – in real time and from your computer or mobile phone.

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