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What is a Cricket Betting Market?

Few sports in existence today have as many rules and regulations as cricket. But once you understand the rules, and see how they apply on the field, you realise that cricket truly is a beautiful sport. Betting on cricket takes the fun factor up a level when watching a match, but before you start making winning predictions, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the types of cricket betting markets available to you. We’re looking at these below, and discussing how much you should bet when betting on cricket.

What is a cricket betting market?

A cricket betting market is a specific bet you can take before or during a cricket match, like Match Winner or First Wicket Taker.

Cricket Betting Markets Explained

If a betting market is a specific bet that more than one punter has added a wager to, then cricket betting markets are things like Toss Winner, Match Winner, and Top Batsman. People will make predictions on these, adding to the market, which will ultimately close and pay out once the match’s conclusion has been reached.

Which market is best for cricket betting?

The Cricket Match Winner is the easiest cricket outcome to predict when betting, but the real value lies in cricket betting markets that most punters won’t be paying attention to.

Types of Cricket Betting Markets

Cricket betting markets are many in number, some of which opening long before the match begins and others only opening during the match (live cricket betting). The idea isn’t to try and make predictions in all of the below markets. Instead, pick a few that you know better than the rest and focus your betting efforts on them.

Match Winner

The match winner betting market is pretty straight forward. You predict which cricket team is going to win the match and bet on them winning. If you choose to bet in the Draw No Bet market, you won’t lose your stake if the match ends in a draw.

Top Batsman

Knowing which batsmen will shine brightest in any given cricket match or tournament might take some digging into player form, injuries, etc. Having this level of knowledge can pay off big time when predicting which batsman is going to smash the most runs.

Man of the Match 

Man of the Match might not be the easiest prediction to make before the match even begins, but getting this prediction right could land you the win of your dreams! Again, knowing player form intimately could give you an edge when betting in this market.

Toss Winner 

Essentially, this market is nothing more than predicting the way a coin will land once tossed into the air. Serious punters looking into this market will assess each team’s ‘history of the toss’ to see if there are any patterns that can offer guidance on which way to bet.

Series Winner

The series winner, or outright winner, in cricket betting refers to the team that ends up winning the entire series or tournament. This market’s odds will shift as a series or tournament unfolds, so getting bets in early could lead to amazing payouts once the trophy is lifted.

To Score a Century

Scoring 100 runs in a single cricket match doesn’t happen very often, so taking part in this cricket betting market could also result in a big win. This market involves predicting whether or not a century will be scored by a player or team during a match or tournament.

Top Wicket Taker

On the other end of the Top Batsman cricket betting market is the Top Wicket Taker market. As the name suggests, in this market punters predict which bowlers will take the most wickets in any given cricket match or series of matches.

First Wicket

The “firsts” betting markets are always very popular, and for good reason. This one involves predicting the way in which the first wicket of the match will fall. Will it be bowled, LBW, caught, or run out?

Total Match Boundaries

A boundary in cricket refers to the scoring of four runs, and predicting the total number of fours that will be scored in a given match is another cricket betting market to explore when betting on cricket online.

Draw No Bet 

It’s always wise to start off with a more conservative approach to your sports betting. The odds might be lower, but Draw No Bet is a relatively safe market if you think any given cricket match might end in a draw. In that case, your stake will be returned to you.

How big is the cricket betting market?

The global cricket betting market is estimated to be worth more than $90 billion.

How Much Should you Bet when Betting on Cricket Markets?

Knowing how much you should or shouldn’t bet when betting on cricket markets means your bankroll can last longer and the fun can keep rolling on!

Stick to one amount

All of the best sports betting advice out there suggests sticking to one amount when placing sports bets. If that amount is R50, then stick to that amount per bet no matter the betting market you plan to pursue.

Go no higher than 5%

Another golden piece of cricket betting advice is to keep your per-bet amount at no more than 5% of your total betting budget for the match or tournament. If we use the example above, R50 is 5% of R1000, so the most you should stake on any one betting market is R50 if your total bankroll is R1000. 

Is cricket betting an investment?

Investing in cricket betting is possible, but it’s a long-term investment that takes patience and dedication to see a decent return at the end of the season.

How to Begin Betting on Cricket Online 

Starting to get the ball rolling with online cricket betting is literally three steps away! is where South Africans come to bet on cricket online, and here’s how you can too:

  1. Visit and click on the green ‘join now’ button
  2. Complete a short online profile setup
  3. Confirm your email address

Once you’ve setup your free account, visit our cricket betting page to find cricket fixtures you can start betting on immediately.
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