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How to Bet on Cricket Online

How to bet on cricket online involves learning the types of cricket bets available to you, knowing what can impact the outcome of a cricket bet, and knowing the cricket betting mistakes to avoid when betting on cricket online. It’s also important to find a reputable, trusted online sports bookmaker through which to place your cricket bets. In this article, we’re introducing you to online cricket betting, or betting on cricket through an online betting platform. Ready to win big? Let’s dive in:

How do you bet on cricket online?

The easiest way to start betting on cricket online is through an online sports betting portal like

Types of Cricket Bets Available  

The types of cricket bets available are also known as cricket betting markets. When betting on cricket online, it’s important to understand how each market works before putting any money down.

Match Winner

This cricket bet is all about predicting the winner of a match. You’ll have to know your teams well to know which to bet on, but the idea is to predict who will win and back that cricket team with your wager.

Top Batsman

Here you are making predictions about which batsman you think will slog the most runs during their innings. A good idea would be to check a team’s batting lineup, and even batsmen recent performance stats, before placing bets.

Man of the Match 

Every cricket match has that one player that shines brighter than the rest. They put on the performance of their careers, and predicting which player will be crowned man of the match before the game can pay off majorly.

Toss Winner 

Make your cricket-watching experience even more competitive by making predictions down to the level of which way the coin will fall after the toss.

Series Winner

When there are major cricket events happening, like the ICC Cricket World Cup or the Indian Premier League (IPL), you can bet pre-tournament on who you predict will lift the trophy once all is said and done.

To Score a Century

Hitting triple digits is always an occasion to be celebrated, and if you can successfully predict which batsmen will do so in a cricket match – you’re in it to win it.

Top Wicket Taker

The bowler’s version of a century would be a hat trick. A bowler that scores one in a cricket match is likely to end up the top wicket-taker, and you can bet on which bowler you think that will be.

First Wicket

Which bowler will take the first wicket of the cricket match? And which batsmen will be bowled, caught or run-out first? You can make predictions and bet on these to really make things interesting!

Total Match Boundaries

Hitting four funs gives a batsman a feeling that can only be rivalled by that feeling when hitting a six. You can also make predictions on how many boundaries will be struck in any given cricket match.

Draw No Bet 

This cricket bet is considered one way to safely bet on cricket and make your budget last longer. A draw would otherwise result in you losing your wager, unless placing a Draw No Bet where a draw results in your wager being returned.

How do I bet on cricket?

Anybody can bet on cricket anywhere in the world. All you need is a valid South African ID, an internet connection, and a free account.

Choose your Cricket Betting Markets

The above online cricket betting markets are all great options when starting out, but should you be betting in every single one of them? It’s not advised, and instead you should be trying to focus in on specific markets where you know you’ve got a good chance of making a correct prediction. Even if you’re only betting in one market, it’s better to win in one than to lose in multiple markets.

Where can I place a cricket bet?

You can place a cricket bet online using a sports betting platform like

Know What can Affect Cricket Matches 

There are so many factors that impact the outcome of a cricket match. From the weather and pitch conditions, to player form and each team’s playing style.


A player’s form is impacted by so many variables, from their health to their family life, to the team dynamics. Knowing when players are on or off form helps to know where and where not to place your cricket bets.

Head-to-head records 

How well have the two cricket teams performed when playing against each other historically? Looking into head-to-head cricket records can reveal trends among lesser-followed teams that could pay off huge if you get the odds just right.


If you know each team and each player’s play style, you’ll have a better idea of how they might perform when coming head-to-head in a match-up. For example, two offensive teams are guaranteed to put on much higher totals than when two defensive teams play.

Home and away records 

Another way to identify possibly valuable bets is to look at how well your favourite teams have played at home compared to away. This is one way to identify possible upset matches that could pay out big time if you call them correctly.


Unfortunately, cricket can’t be played in the rain (like soccer or rugby). Sometimes figuring out a good betting strategy comes down to watching what the weather is going to do. Climate is also a factor to consider, since cricket balls travel further at altitude. 


Like we mentioned before, team dynamics can really impact each individual player and their performance in any given match. Knowing which teams are more fired up than others is handy when betting on cricket outcomes.

Player injuries 

An injured player is going to leave a gap in any team’s performance, especially if they’re one of the stars. But injured players open up spaces for talented bench-warmers to prove their worth.

Pitch dryness or moisture

Anyone that knows cricket knows the significance of a pitch’s condition going into a match. Dry pitches will be a pace-bowler’s delight, while moist pitches would be more suited to spin bowlers.

Team history playing on certain grounds 

Some cricketing grounds are iconic, at which many players feel priviledged to play on. There’s an X-factor on certain cricket pitches that just makes some players and teams play outside of themselves.

Be Aware of Cricket Betting Mistakes 

Another vitally important thing to remember when betting on cricket online is this: punters make mistakes, and there are a few common mistakes to avoid when betting on cricket.

Don’t misunderstand values 

Make sure you understand how different sports bookmakers represent odds and other important information you’ll need to place informed bets. 

Keep emotion out of it – Rely on facts 

Try not let emotion cloud your judgement when betting on cricket. Your favourite team isn’t going to win 100% of the time, and there will be times that you might have to bet against them for the smart bet’s sake.

Don’t follow the majority

Chasing the steam involves following a cricket betting trend or insight that catches on but isn’t verified or tried-and-tested. What you want is to find high-value bets that nobody is looking at.

Never stop research 

Winning at cricket betting as a professional better takes patience, commitment, and constantly researching using tools like cricket betting news, sports betting podcasts, and others.

How can I bet on cricket online in South Africa?

Bet on cricket online in South Africa by registering an online sports betting account with online sports betting portals like

H2: Start Betting on Cricket Online with

You can start betting on cricket online today! All you need to do to get going is visit and register your profile. Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Visit and click on the green ‘join now’ button
  2. Complete a short online profile setup
  3. Confirm your email address

We’ll help you get your free account up and running, after which you can head to our cricket betting page and find all the current and upcoming cricket fixtures you can start betting on.
Stay in the know about cricket news and betting trends by following what the in-house punters put out on Bet Central.

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