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Cricket Betting Strategy

There’s nothing more exciting in sport than the thrill of watching a close IPL cricket match come to a conclusion. Cricket is played professionally in over 100 countries, and there is always cricket being played to make predictions on and win! So, what is a cricket betting strategy, what are a few cricket betting strats to try out, and how do you start betting on cricket online? You’re reading the right article to get these answers and more.

What is a Cricket Betting Strategy?

A cricket betting strategy is a specific approach to making predictions about cricket matches. It’s the way in which you place your bets, or your plan of action to maximise your chances of winning. It is never a good idea to simply bet on cricket without a thought-out strategy in place. When there’s a betting strategy in place, your bankroll lasts longer, you place bets more carefully, and you do have a better chance of winning something.

What is the most profitable cricket betting strategy?

The most profitable betting strategy is still a conservative, long-term approach where you’re always looking for betting markets offering the most value.

How Cricket betting strategy can help you win

Having a cricket betting strategy can help you win more bets, more often, while making the entire process more profitable in the long run. The idea isn’t to place one bet and win big like in the movies. Instead, professional punters use long-game strategies, only betting when they know there is value in the bet and staying away from betting with their hearts.

How do you always win in cricket betting?

If winning something every time you bet on cricket is important to you, then hedging your bets will yield a result no matter who wins.

Examples of Cricket Betting Strategies  

There are a few popular cricket betting strategies that punters use to maximise their chances of winning. You can definitely use a combination of these when placing your own cricket bets.

1. Double chance betting

This strategy is suited to punters who like to support the underdog. Double chance betting means your bet will win if the team you’re backing wins or draws. The only way to actually lose the bet is if the team loses the match. In other words, punters have a double chance of winning.

2. Favourites 

If you place your bets before the sports bookmakers shift the odds too much, you can bet on the favourites, at good odds, and win. Keep in mind that favourites betting is guaranteed to pay out less than when betting on the underdog, but it’s considered a much safer bet.

3. Consider smaller bets 

An important fact to keep in mind when betting on cricket is that the bigger you go with your bet amounts, the faster your bankroll will deplete and the quicker the fun will come to an end. Placing smaller bets also means you can place more bets, giving you more opportunities to win.

4. Pre-Season Betting Strategy

Betting on the pre-season is very risky, since there are so many things that can happen during the season that might ruin your bets. However, these odds are fantastic most of the time, and if you can make winning pre-season predictions, you stand the chance of seeing huge returns.

Using predictions to bet on Cricket

Follow cricket betting news websites and other sources that offer up information on upcoming cricket matches. They are great for hearing what is happening in the cricket world, and you will get to read professional punters predicting which are the best bets to place on specific matches.

Backing both teams to win

This is called hedging your bets, and is one way to ensure that, no matter the outcome of a bet, you end up getting something in return. It’s important to look at each team’s odds before hedging your bets, and if you think it could end in a draw, Double Chance might be a better betting strategy to pursue.

Following trends

Like any marketplace, cricket betting has its trends that come and go. Punters are always looking for the next sure bet, and some of them actually find it from time to time. The trick is to identify this trend almost as soon as they do, and jump onto it before everyone else does and the odds shift to less favourable figures.

What is the safest cricket bet?

The safest cricket bet is to bet on the favourite, or to hedge your bets so that you get a return regardless of the match outcome.

How to Begin Betting on Cricket Online

Ready to make watching cricket much more exciting? Get the process going and start making winning cricket predictions simply by visiting Here’s how to get your account setup:

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Once your free sports betting account is up and running, visit our cricket betting page to discover all the international cricket fixtures you can place bets on.
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