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Basic Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket is a sport that’s loved across the globe, with the International Cricket Council (ICC) having over 100 member countries. Whether you’re a follower of the Indian Premier League (IPL) or prefer the slow pace of The Ashes or other prolific test matches, betting on cricket is one way to level-up the thrills! Below we’ve got six basic cricket betting tips to help you win when you bet on cricket online. Ready to knock your cricket bets out of the park? Let’s dive in!

Have a Cricket Betting Budget

Like going shopping for groceries without a list, you’re bound to spend more than you planned if you don’t have a cricket betting budget for yourself. A big part of winning at cricket betting is making your bankroll last as long as possible. 

Bet Responsibly 

What does responsible betting look like? It means having realistic expectations, and only spending what you know you don’t need. It also involves setting a limit on how much of your bankroll you’re going to spend on each bet.

How do you successfully bet in cricket?

Successfully bet in cricket by following the sport news, listening to predictions from other punters, and find bets that will offer you value.

Bet on What you Know 

Winning at cricket betting also takes a bit of focus. Unless you’re super-human and know everything about every format of the game, you’re likely to have your favourite. Be it Twenty20, one-day matches, or test matches, bet on what you know best. This also applies to the cricket teams you choose to bet on.

Stay up to date with Cricket Betting News 

You’ll want to keep yourself in the know about what’s happening in the cricket universe, including what the online cricket betting community are saying. You’ll get to hear stats, odds, and discussions around potential in-game markets that could make things even more interesting!

Pay attention to stats 

Serious punters know that cricket stats can offer insights to help make better cricket bets. We’re talking about things like win/lose ratios, home/away comparisons, and team head-to-head results.

Read the latest cricket news 

Reading the latest cricket news gives you a solid understanding of how the cricket world is developing. You’ll be one of the first punters to hear any big news, and can get your bets in at great odds before everyone else.

Listen to sports betting podcasts

Sports betting podcasts feature discussions around best practices for cricket betting and a bunch of other sports too. The Bet Central Podcast covers a range of sports from football, rugby, cricket, UFC, to the NBA and more sports.

Follow predictions and match analysis 

Predictions and match analyses are two more resources to keep on your radar when planning your cricket bets. Level up your betting game with articles on topics like players to watch out for, and even specific cricket bets to take, to maximize your winning chances!

Which cricket prediction site is the best?

Widely considered the best online cricket prediction portal is

Understand Cricket Betting Markets 

Cricket betting markets are the specific bets you’ll consider placing when online cricket betting, like betting on who will win the toss or take the first wicket. 

What is the best strategy for cricket betting?

The best strategy for cricket betting is to know your teams and their strengths, understand your betting markets, and only betting when there is value.

Match winner

In the match-winner cricket betting market, punters are predicting which cricket team will win any given cricket match.

Toss winner

Which team will win the coin toss to decide who bats or bowls first? To make things interesting from before the cricket match even starts, you can bet on which way the coin will fall.

Outright winner

This market involves betting on which cricket team is likely to be triumphant at the end of a cricket series or tournament.

Top batsman

In this cricket betting market, punters put their batsmen knowledge to the test and make predictions on which batsman will score the most runs in a match.

To score a century

Scoring 100 runs are challenging in test cricket, seriously difficult in one-day games, and absolutely crazy in T20 matches! This market lets you predict whether or not a match will see a century being scored.

Top wicket-taker

Prefer to focus on the bowlers instead of the batsmen? Bet in markets like top wicket-taker, where you predict which bowlers will take the most wickets in a match.

Method of 1st Dismissal

Bowled, caught, LBW or run out? In this cricket betting market, you predict the method in which a cricket match’s first wicket will fall.

Man of the Match

Every cricket match has a man of the match, so knowing each player’s form going into big matches could help make predictions about who the man of the match will end up being.

Draw No Bet

Draw No Bet offers lower odds, but is a more secure cricket bet to make if you think that a cricket match could end up in a draw.

Track your bets 

Another vital habit to start practicing when betting on cricket is to track your bets. This involves keeping a record of the bets you make and the outcomes of each. This helps you see how well you’re doing over time, and if you’re betting in the best markets or not. Tracking your bets also involves keeping track of your cricket betting bankroll.

Which is the best site for betting tips?

Central Bet is widely considered one of the best sites for betting tips if you’re betting on cricket.

Bet on Cricket Online Today 

Online cricket betting makes watching cricket so much more exciting! Get the ball rolling and start making winning cricket predictions by visiting Here’s how easy it is to get going:

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Once your free account is all up and running, visit the cricket betting page to find all the current and upcoming cricket fixtures to bet on.
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