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What is a basketball betting market?

basketball betting market

Betting on basketball has come a long way since the days of over-excited bookies frantically grabbing at bank notes in the stands of a basketball court. Today, you can bet on basketball online, and bet on any basketball game being played anywhere in the world. We’ve also moved on from simply predicting the winner or loser of a basketball match. That is one market among many others now available on sports betting platforms like

  • What is a betting market?
    A betting market is a specific type of bet you can place on an event. Moneyline, point-spread, two-way, and teaser are all examples of betting markets.

Basketball betting markets explained

Simply put, a basketball betting market is a type of bet (among many) that you can place when betting on outcomes of a basketball game. You can bet on the outcome of a match, which is one market. You can also bet on who will lead at half time, which is another. The more basketball betting markets a bookmaker offers, the more chances you have to cash in big.

  • What does betting market mean in basketball betting?
    A basketball betting market refers to a specific type of bet fans of basketball can place when betting on basketball.

Types of Basketball betting markets

From simple bets that don’t require research, to complex parlays involving quarter and half-time lines, you’ll find the right basketball betting market to play in. We look at a bunch of these markets below:


Arguably the simplest bet to place, moneyline betting involves picking the team that you think will win the game once the final whistle has been blown.


A two-way bet is reserved for sports like basketball where there are no draws. There are two outcomes, and you decide which to bet on.

Handicap or Point-Spread 

This basketball betting market looks to level the playing field when strong and weak teams face off against each other. Stronger teams have to win by certain margins for bets to pay out, instead of merely winning the game.


A teaser bet allows the bettor to combine bets across two different games. This allows them to adjust the point spread, but will realise lower returns should they win.

Parlays / Multi-Bet

Parlay basketball bets involve single bets where two or more wagers are linked together. Winning is then dependent on all of the wagers winning together.

Round Robin

This basketball betting market is a series of smaller parlays made up from a larger list of teams selected. It’s like a parlay, but limited in how many bets available.

  • How do you play basketball betting?
    Betting on basketball can be done in person at a bookmaker, or online on betting platforms like Online basketball betting has grown in popularity in recent years.


These betting markets involve the outcomes of specific periods of play, like the first quarter, second quarter, etc.


Halftime or fulltime betting lines are markets where bettors can bet on where things will stand at halftime, or at the end of the game, usually involving points for and against.


This betting market lets you predict whether the total number of points at the end of a game or series will be odd or even.


These are exciting basketball betting markets! Race to 12 points, race to 25 points, and other race bets let you bet on which team you think will hit the points total first.

Proposition Bets

A prop bet involves betting on the occurrence or non-occurrence of in-game factors that don’t necessarily impact the outcome of the game.

Special Player Bets

These are proposition bets involving a specific player, where you need multiple prop bets to pay off in order to win.

  • What are the best markets for sports betting?
    Moneyline bets are the easiest and best markets when betting on basketball. This simply allows you to bet on which team you think will win.

What leagues offer the most basketball markets?

Some basketball betting fans want to dabble in as many exciting markets as possible, seeking out leagues that offer the most basketball markets. Let’s take a look at three of these.


Our NBA betting markets are plenty, where there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Wage on player prop specials (blocks, rebounds, assists, points), 1st/last points scorer, overtime, team total points (1st quarter, 1st half, full time), winning margin (3-way, 7-way, 12-way), over/under, and match winner.


Euroleague betting markets offer everyone a chance to win big. Bet on player prop specials (blocks, rebounds, assists, points), 1st/last points scorer, overtime, team total points (1st quarter, 1st half, full time), winning margin, over/under, handicap winner, and match winner.


The EuroCup betting markets on offer multiple opportunities to take home gold! These include Race bets (12, 25 & 45 points), highest scoring quarter & half, overtime, team total points, winning margin (3-way, 7-way, 12-way), handicap, over/under, and others.

Start betting on basketball online today! is hands-down the easiest way to bet on basketball in South Africa. All you need is an internet connection, a profile, and a love of basketball! Start betting on your favourite basketball teams by following these easy steps:

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That’s it! You’ll be ready to browse the basketball betting markets, fill up your virtual bet slips, and start winning big. If you love sports as much as we do, then you’ll love using our platform!

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