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Understanding Live Basketball Betting

live basketball betting online

Live basketball betting is not what they say it is: it’s even better than the hype! The thrill of watching your favourite teams play their hearts out while you watch a winning bet unfold cannot be described. You have to feel it for yourself. In-game betting markets add another layer of thrill to the mix. Below we’re answering: what is live basketball betting? We’re also discussing the advantages of live betting, and a few winning live basketball betting strategies.

What is Live Basketball Betting?

In-game betting markets make live basketball betting a hobby for countless basketball fans. Live bets are placed after the game has started, but beware: the odds will be shifting rapidly. You’re watching the match-up unfold, and adjusting your betting strategy according to what you see happening on the court.

Advantages of Live Basketball Betting

Are there benefits to taking part in live basketball betting versus only placing bets before the game starts? We wouldn’t be writing this paragraph if there weren’t!

First-hand Feel of the Event

Research and analysis doesn’t trump what’s happening in the stadium during the game. When you’re watching live, you can make much better basketball betting decisions based on what you see unfolding on the court.

Injury and suspension betting angle

Injured players are going to leave a hole in a team’s strategy. If you’re watching a game live, you can spot injuries as they happen, then adjust your live betting wager on the game’s points total, or the injured player’s points total.

Best chance of finding value

You’re getting amazing value on a betting website when you’re live basketball betting. For example, you can bet on things like which player will score next in a specific quarter. This is a bet that can only be offered during the game.

Smart Hedging is Allowed

Live betting grants opportunities to place hedge bets and lock additional profits. If you bet on a team to win by half time and they are leading by a huge margin at halftime, you could place a small wager on the other team to make a comeback in the second half.

Live Basketball Betting Strategies 

We suggest you always go into a basketball betting commitment with a strategy backing you. Guesswork is dangerous when you stand to lose money. Below are a few basketball betting strategies to factor into your own approach to live basketball betting.

Watch the games

Step one to placing winning basketball bets is to watch the game, and we mean every game. It gives you an overall picture of how each team is doing, complete with injuries, lineups, transfers, and other data. 

Use previous data

Speaking about data, looking at each team’s winning and losing records is another great source of inspiration to inform your bets. How well have these teams done against each other historically, and are there any trends to spot?

No guessing, do the research

Let’s face it, there’s a little voice inside of each basketball betting fan telling them to bet with their hearts. But betting with your brain is a much better strategy, and it’s been proven time and again. When money is on the line, guessing is risky business.

Look at the team lineup

Before committing to a live basketball betting session, check out each team’s lineup. If you aren’t following the basketball news, you may have missed player injuries that will almost certainly impact match outcomes and your betting experience.

Factor in motivation

Basketball isn’t played on a computer screen, it’s played on a court. Motivation is a huge factor, especially when crowds really get behind their struggling teams. 

Home games

When favourites are playing at home, it’s almost certain they’re winning. But when underdogs are playing at home, it’s not certain they’ll lose. In fact, their motivation to win might just spur them on to an upset victory.

Away games

When underdogs are playing away from home, they’re almost guaranteed a loss. This isn’t the case when the favourites are playing away from home, but again: the Rocky Balboa fairytale story is something all underdogs aspire to achieve.

Experiment with your bets

If you’re keeping track of your betting activities, which we’d recommend for any winning live basketball betting strategy, try experiment with your bets and see which combinations worked best for you in the past.

Shooting Percentage Matters

There’s no other way to put it: shooting percentage matters. Divide the number of made shots by the number of shot attempts to get a player’s field goal (shooting) percentage for any given game. This could help decision-making when you next place bets on the team.

How to begin betting on live basketball online 

Saffa punters agree: is the easiest way to bet on basketball in South Africa. Show us the passion you feel for your team and the sport you cherish. Follow these easy steps to explore live basketball betting on

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That’s it – you’re good to go. You can browse the deep basketball betting markets we offer, fill up your virtual betting slips, and start winning big by making basketball predictions. If you love basketball as much as we do, you’re sure to feel at home on our platform.

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