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Transfer News: Big Football Stars Without A Contract

As the summer transfer window opens on the 1st of July, there are a lot of players who will be searching for a new club.

Transfer Window

As the summer transfer window opens on the 1st of July, there are a lot of players who will be searching for a new club. Most of those players their contracts will end on the 30th of June. In the list, French International Raphael Varane will look out for a new home after his spell with Manchester United didn’t work out. So are the likes of Thiago, Marco Reus etc. Let’s look at good players without a contract.

Raphael Varane

The 31-year-old French International was once regarded as a world-class defender during his time with Real Madrid. He even formed a formidable center-back partnership with Sergio Ramos which saw Los Blancos dominating the European football. His move to Manchester United was seen as a good move but things didn’t work out. Varane spent a lot of time on the sideline due to injuries and his form was never the same. With his time over at Old Trafford, Varane will be searching for a new club in what would be his last final years of playing since the age starting to be not on his side.


After Liverpool decided not to renew Thiago’s contract, the Spaniard will now be available on the market for free. The 33-year-old midfielder is highly tipped to go back to Barcelona where he spent most of his playing days. It would be interesting to see if these rumors will turn out to be a real deal. His time at Anfield was more covered by injuries after arriving with so many expectations after his spell with Bayern Munich. It also reported that there are clubs from the United States of America and Saudi Arabia interested in his services.

Marco Reus

After spending over a decade at Borussia Dortmund, Marco Reus played his final match in the UEFA Champions League final loss to Real Madrid at Wembley Stadium. It was not a goodbye he wanted as he gave it all for the club. The 35-year-old forward has indicated his intentions of wanting to continue playing and it is a matter of time before he secures a new home. However, the persistent injuries are his major downfall as he is supposed to have achieved more in life.

Matt Hummels

Borussia Dortmund defender Matt Hummels will have to search for a new home when the transfer window opens. Hummels was meant to leave last season with the club making a U-turn by giving him another year. The 35-year-old German had a stellar season contributing largely to his team’s success where they reached the UEFA Champions League final. 

Memphis Depay

For too long, Memphis Depay has been praised for his wonderful talent, but the lack of consistency has let him down big time. During his tenure with Atletico Madrid, he has failed to establish himself as the starter which has forced the club to release him. He will have to start by finding his form in order to take his career to a new height. Maybe his participation in the ongoing UEFA Euro Championship will see more clubs being interested in his signature. 

Adrien Rabiot

Adrien Rabiot spent most of his playing days in France before deciding to join Juventus. In Italy, he never adapted and found himself on the bench on most occasions. With his club in the restructuring process, Rabiot is one of the players not considered for the next project. The French International who in the past was on the wanted list of Manchester United is back on the market. His performance so far in the European Championship is drawing much attention. 

Anthony Martial

When Anthony Martial arrived at Manchester United, there were too many expectations of him to solve the club’s problems and bring back the glory days. He delivered some of the classic performances but in most cases, he was out nursing injuries. It was frustrating with the club now deciding that it has had enough of it. He is tipped with the move back to French Ligue 1.

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