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Paul Pogba & Other 7 Footballers Who Failed Drug Tests

We look at 7 footballers who have failed drug tests in the past after Paul Pogba tested positive for testosterone.

Paul Pogba Failed Drug

This week, the football community learned that Paul Pogba has failed a drug test. The Frenchman tested positive for testosterone in the tests conducted on August 20 during his club, Juventus’s 3-0 victory over Udinese. The former Manchester United star is facing a possible four-year ban from all football-related activities. It is not something new that a footballer has failed a drug. We look at several footballers who have failed drug tests in the past.

Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona is regarded as one of the greatest players to ever play the game but the Argentinian great had a lot of scandals off the field from his love for alcohol , drugs and women. In 1991 while playing for Napoli of Italy, he tested positive for coicane which was common knowledge that he was using.

The bad news followed him again when he tested positive for ephedrine during 1994 FIFA World Cup in USA. He was sent back home which marked the end of his playing career. 

Jaap Stam

Jaap Stam is considered as one of the best defenders in the late 90s and early 2000s but his name was put in the hell hole when testing positive for nandrolone during his tenure with Lazio of Italy. He was slapped with a five-month ban which he appealed but ended up serving four months suspension.

Despite the scandal, the Dutch defender went on to represent the club from Rome on 70 occasions in his three years spell. 

Adrian Mutu

So much was expected from Adrian Mutu when he signed for a £15.8 million fee to Chelsea from Parma in the 2003 summer transfer window. Despite his impressive first season at Stamford Bridge, Mutu’s time took another turn in 2004 when he was busted for using cocaine. He received seven months suspension but that was the final nail in the coffin to his Chelsea’s career. The Romanian was out of Jose Mourinho’s plans, with the club later deciding to release him. 

Andre Onana

Manchester United goalkeeper Andre Onana nearly took his young promising career to hellzone when testing positive for a banned substance. The Camerooan star trended in the media circles in February 2021, when testing positive for Furosemide which resulted in UEFA giving him a 12-month suspension.

He appealed the desicion which was later reduced to nine months. He maintained that he accidentally used his pregnant wife’s medicine. Ajax Amsterdam terminated his contract and was later signed on a free transfer by Inter Milan before his move to Manchester. 

Edgar Davids

Better known to many football fanatics across the globe for playing with sunglasses plus being one of the skillful players in the late 90s and early 2000’s. It was with Italian giants Juventus that he made a name for himself. But besides being recognized as the club legend, in 2001, he put himself and the club in hot water. He tested positive for anabolic steroids narandrosterone in which he primarily received a 16-month ban. He later appealed which saw him being out of action for four months. 

Abel Xavier

The Portuguese international made a name for himself during his time with Everton in the English Premier League but he became more prominent worldwide when testing positive for anabolic steroids dianabol in September 2005 just after he signed for Middleborough on a record club fee.

He was given an 18-month suspension from football. He was the first player caught using drugs in the league. He later appealed his suspension which was later reduced to 12-months.

Frank De Boer

Frank De Boer is undeniably one of Netherlands’s all-time greatest defenders. During his spell with Barcelona in 2001, he put his name to shame when he tested positive for nandrolone, which was a banned substance.

He was given a 12-month ban which later became 11 weeks after De Boer appealed. Despite the failed drug test, he left as a Barcelona legend after spending five years with the Spanish giants. 

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