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Daily Table Tennis Betting Tips For 23 April 2020

Daily Table Tennis Betting Tips 23 April 2020. It’s one of the few sports still on going & the Russia Moscow Liga Pro & Setka Cup runs all day for to punt.

21 April 2019, by: Carl Lewis

Table Tennis Betting Tips – 23 April 2020

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Russia Moscow Liga Pro

10:30 – Vladimir Petrov (1.83) v Georgiy Vahnin (1.83)

Although Vahnin won the most recent match, Petrov won the previous 5 before that.

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10:30 – Viktor Ivanov (1.64) v Alexander Gribkov (2.05)

Ivanov has won 4 out of the last 6 matches against Gribkov.

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10:30 – Stanislav Bychkov (1.17) v Vladimir Nemashkalo (4.25)

Bychkov has won the 5 most recent head to heads and has dominated this fixture historically.

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11:00 – Alexey Yanshaev (1.43) v Viktor Ivanov (2.55)

Yanshaev has won 7 of the last 10 head to heads.

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11:30 – Georgiy Vahnin (1.71) v Danila Andreev (2.00)

Vahnin has won 4 out of the last 5 head to heads.

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11:30 – Alexander Gribkov (1.76) v Nikita Lyfenko (1.90)

Lyfenko won the most recent match although Gribkov won 3 our of the last 5 matches.

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11:30 – Vladimir Nemashkalo (1.54) v Alexander Petrov (2.30)

Nemashkalo has won the last 4 head to heads.

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Setka Cup

11:00 – Alexey Naplekov (3.15) v Nikolay Korniyenko (1.29)

Korniyenko won their last match 3-0.

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11:05 – Anton Yolkin (1.62) v Daniil Gavrish (2.10)

Yolkin won the most recent match between the two but in the 4 matches, they have played each player has 2 wins.

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11:05 – Dmitry Smirnov (3.25) v Maksym Mrykh (1.28)

Mrykh won their only head to head match 3-0.

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11:15 – Konstantin Kirsanov (1.57) v Roman Malinka (2.20)

Malinka has won 1 of his last 5 matches while Kirsanov has won 7 out of his last 10. They have never played each other.

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11:30 – Leonyd Boyko (1.62) v Anatoliu Levshin (2.15)

Boyko has won the last 3 head to heads between the two players.

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11:35 – Timur Voytekhov (1.30) v Denis Matveev (3.15)

Matveev won the last match between the two while Voytekhov won the 4 matches before that.

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