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Can Baroka FC cause a shock in the TKO Final?

10 January 2019, by: Thabang Kgeledi


Tottenham host Manchester United at Wembley Stadium on Sunday evening. A Spurs loss against a resurgent Red Devils could reinforce the idea of a possible Mauricio Pochettino move to the far more illustrious team in Manchester.

Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino is favourite to take over as United manager next season. Issues with the new stadium, a skimpy transfer budget, and a realisation that he, perhaps, has taken this Spurs team as far he could, might be the catalyst to his departure.

Mauricio Pochettino, however, says he wants to stay at Tottenham for another two decades.

“I hope, or I wish to be here 20 years, and decide to leave or to finish my career here,”

“I am so focused here, and want to help the club to achieve what the club want to be in history.”

Five years ago, if a Tottenham manager said he isn’t interested in becoming a Manchester United boss, I would have recommended him to my psychologist.

This is a club (Tottenham) that hasn’t won anything in 11 years (They won the League Cup in 2008). This is a club that Sir Alex Ferguson, in a now notorious halftime team talk, said to his Manchester United team who were losing ‘Lads, it’s Tottenham’ and walked out. This is a club that hailed Peter Crouch as one of their best player’s in history.

Yes, that guy…

Mauricio Pochettino is the man who is responsible for the ‘new’ Tottenham. It’s considered one of the big boys in Europe now. He has turned this club around from “Tottenham are a good team but, they will never win the league.” to “Tottenham are good, with good players, and probably still won’t win the league but, they will at least finish in a champions league qualifying spot.”

Although Spurs are a quality side, it seems that they may have hit their plateau. They aren’t big players clamouring to play for them and there are only so many good development players you can produce. They have also been having problems with their new stadium. Spurs were originally scheduled to move into the new White Hart Lane stadium in September but the project has suffered construction delays. They are only expected to move in March.

Manchester United have let be known to everybody and their Momma that they are after Mauricio Pochettino’s signature. They are apparently willing to pay him a salary that amounts to a small countries annual budget.

Sunday may be the day where Pochettino’s present meets his future. Tottenham are a better team than Manchester United. Should Spurs sweep aside United, as they did earlier this season, the Argentine manager may think staying pat would make football sense. But, if Manchester United win or at least put up a good fight he may think signing for them might not be a bad idea.

Under interim coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær, the talent of the attacking Manchester United players has shone through. Most of us though these players weren’t good enough to be United players but now, it seems, Mourinho’s negative tactics held them back. Maybe the Manchester United players aren’t far off Spurs players talent-wise after-all.

Even though it’s only one game, the result could mean much more than 1 or three points for both teams. It could determine their managerial future.

We’ve put together a special BET Boost on Mauricio Pochettino to be the next Manchester United manager. You’ll have to hurry, though, the market closes just before kick-off on Sunday.

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