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Daily Darts Betting Tips – 12 May 2020

Daily Darts Betting Tips 12 May. Darts is still happening in Europe & PDC Darts at Home Series provides an opportunity to have some fun.

12 May 2020, by: Carl Lewis

Daily Darts Betting Tips – 12 May 2020

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PDC Darts at Home

20:35 – Conan Whitehead (1.58) v Steve Brown (2.20)

Whitehead is ranked as 75th in the world compared Brown who is 116th. Whitehead also outperformed Brown in the UK Open when he was knocked out in the round after Brown.

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21:05 – Mike De Decker (1.40) v Martin Atkins (2.65)

Only three places separate the two players in the world rankings, De Decker is 100th and Atkins 103rd. Atkins outperformed De Decker significantly in the UK open reaching the round just before the quarterfinals while de Decker was knocked out in the last 64. Thee is value in Atkins with such long odds.

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21:35 – Steve Brown (1.76) v Martin Atkins (1.90)

Atkins again is the outsider despite having a better world ranking and finishing significantly higher in the UK open. 

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22:05 – Conan Whitehead (2.05) v Mike De Decker (1.66)

De Decker is the favourite despite being ranked 25 places below Whitehead in the global rankings. The two players met last month with each walking away with a win. Hard to call.

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22:35 – Mike De Decker (1.41) v Steve Brown (2.60)

De Decker once again the clear favourite because of a better ranking and a better UK Open performacne.

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23:05 – Martin Atkins (2.15) v Conan Whitehead (1.60)

Whitehead’s better world ranking makes him the favourite in this one but keeping an eye on the nights earlier results should help with this bet.

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