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NBA Weekly Power Rankings

As the league enters a new month, numerous teams have started to find their rhythm after a shaky start to the season.

As the league enters a new month, numerous teams have started to find their rhythm after a shaky start to the season. At the summit of these rankings, the almighty Golden State Warriors have a worthy adversary in the Phoenix Suns who have just displaced them. The defending champions, the Milwaukee Bucks are on a roll with seven straight victories, they have moved up 13 spots in the last two weeks. Previous basement dwellers, Houston Rockets are on a three-game winning streak while many other teams are starting to scrap it out to make the Playoff positions after slow starts.

1 – Phoenix Suns (Moved up 1 spot)

Record: 18-3

There is a new sheriff in town after the Phoenix Suns won a wild West shootout against the high-flying Golden State Warriors. Not only have the Suns displaced the Warriors from the summit in these rankings, but they are also the top-seeded team out West. The Suns are on an NBA-best 17-game winning streak which the rest of the league can only admire. A statement win over the Warriors has not only boosted morale but has also shown that the Suns are willing to push the Warriors for the top seed out West. The Suns took the bragging rights on Tuesday night after downing the Warriors, they have momentum and they have not shown any signs of letting up in their recent run. The Suns also have an impressive 9-1 record on their travels.

2 – Golden State Warriors (Moved down 1 spot)

Record: 18-3

Displaced but still looking strong, the Bay area outfit still boasts the joint-best record in the league which they share with recent conquerors, the Suns. The Warriors are displaying hot starts that are reminiscent of their title-winning and title challenging seasons and they still have more tricks up their sleeves with Klay Thompson waiting in the wings. The Warriors currently have the best home record in the league which stands at 11-1.

3 – Brooklyn Nets (Unmoved)

Record: 15-6

The Nets have taken over the Eastern Conference in recent weeks, eclipsing the Bulls and the Heat after a tricky start (4-3). An impressive 11-3 run in November propelled the Nets to better rankings in this list. The Nets rounded off their November form with a close win over the New York Knicks on Tuesday night.

4 – Utah Jazz (Moved up 3 spots)

Record: 14-7

The Jazz has moved up three spots in the rankings. They have a competitive 9-2 record against teams in their Conference as they are currently ranked third out West. The Jazz has won two successive games this past week and they look set to build momentum as the game weeks progress.

5 – Chicago Bulls (Unmoved)

Record: 14-8

The second seed in the East, the Bulls are still holding down a top-five spot in the power rankings after seven weeks. The Bulls recorded a 9-7 record last month (November). October saw the Bulls ranked first in these rankings after a 5-1 start but they have since seen the Warriors, Suns, Nets, and the Jazz displace them.

6 – Miami Heat (Dropped down 2 spots)

Record: 13-8

The Heat are 7-3 in the East, this has seen them sitting comfortably in the top three seeding spots in their conference. They have recently dropped down two places this week, last week they had moved up three spots to occupy the fourth spot in the rankings. The Heat recorded an 8-7 record in November.

7 – Washington Wizards (Depped down 1 spot)

Record: 13-8

The Wizards have a 5-5 record in the last 10 games. They lost their last game. A 5-1 record in October had seen them occupy a spot in the top five, they have since started sliding in and out of the elite five.

8 – Milwaukee Bucks (Dropped up 3 spots)

Record: 13-8

This is more like it from the defending champs. They have shrugged off their early-season struggles, they are one of the most improved teams with a massive surge up these rankings. Last week they moved up 10 spots and this week they have moved up three further spots to make their top 10 debuts. The Bucks have won their last seven games and they have an 8-2 record in the last 10 games. They are the fifth seed in the East.

9 – Charlotte Hornets (Unmoved)

Record: 13-10

The Hornets have a healthy 7-2 record at home, this has fuelled their good start to the season. They are currently the sixth seed in the East. Although they have an impressive 7-3 record in the last 10 games they have recently lost their last two encounters.

10 – Dallas Mavericks (Dropped down 2 spots)

Record: 10-9

The Mavs have dropped down two spots in the power rankings owing to two successive defeats. Their decline in the rankings has continued, just last week they had dropped down three spots. They had a 6-7 record in November.

11 – New York Knicks (Moved down 1 spot)

Record: 11-10

The Knicks have been in and out of the top 10 in the first few weeks of the season. They currently find themselves on the 11th spot due to their inconsistent form. The Knicks recently lost to the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday night. The Knicks started the season with a 5-1 record, November was a testing month with a 6-9 run.

12 – Cleveland Cavaliers (Moved up 6 spots)

Record: 11-10

The Cavs are on a mission to make the Playoffs this season, their good start to the campaign has been derailed by an inconsistent form at times. They have recently moved up six spots in these rankings with two successive wins this past week.

13 – Memphis Grizzlies (Moved up 3 spots)

Record: 11-10

The Grizzlies have moved up three spots in these rankings from last week. They have won their last two games to assume their position in the top 15.

14 – Los Angeles Clippers (Unmoved)

Record: 11-10

The Clippers have enjoyed a resurgence in November but a lot of that good work has been undone in the last two weeks. At one point they were on a seven-game winning streak. The Clippers have lost their last two games.

15 – Minnesota Timberwolves (Moved up 6 spots)

Record: 11-10

The Timberwolves have won their last two games, this has seen them climb up the power rankings.

16 – Philadelphia 76ers (Drpped down 1 spot)

Record: 11-10

The Sixers recently got back to winning ways. Despite their latest victory, they have a 3-7 record in their last 10 games. The recent injury setback of one Joel Embiid has not helped either.

17 – Atlanta Hawks (Unmoved)

Record: 11-10

With a 7-3 record in their last 10 games, the Hawks are one of the league’s most improved teams in recent weeks.

18 – Boston Celtics (Dropped down 5 spots)

Record: 11-10

The Celtics are 6-4 in their last 10 games, they are gradually improving to get closer to Playoff contention.

19 – Los Angeles Laker (Moved up 1 spot)

Record: 12-11

The Lakers have won their last two games and that has seen them improve on the rankings.

20 – Denver Nuggets (Dropped down 1 spot)

Record: 10-10

The Nuggets recently went back to winning ways with a victory in their latest game. They have dropped down one place.

21 – Portland Trail Blazers (Dropped down 11 spots)

Record: 11-11

The Blazers are 6-4 in their last 10 games, teams with better form have seen them make a huge drop in these rankings.

22 – Toronto Raptors (Unmoved)

Record: 9-13

The Raptors have lost their last three games.

23 – Indiana Pacers (Unmoved)

Record: 9-14

The Pacers have lost their last two games.

24 – Sacramento Kings (Moved up 1 spot)

Record: 8-14

The Kings have lost their last two games, they are 3-7 in their last 10 games.

25 – San Antonio Spurs (Moved up 1 spot)

Record: 6-13

The Spurs have won their last two games.

26 – Oklahoma City Thunder (Dropped down 2 spots)

Record: 6-14

OKC has lost their last six games.

27 – New Orleans Pelicans (Moved up 2 spots)

Record: 6-17

The Pelicans are 5-5 in their last 10 games. They recently won their most recent game.

28 – Houston Rockets (Moved up 2 spots)

Record: 4-16

The Rockets are currently on a three-game winning streak and that has seen them rise.

29 – Detroit Pistons (Dropped down 2 spots)

Record: 4-17

The Pistons have lost seven successive games to drop two places in these rankings.

30 – Orlando Magic (Dropped down 2 spots)

Record: 4-18

The new basement dwellers of the league. They have lost the last seven games.

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