Q&A: ICC ODI Super League

The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced the official launched the inaugural ICC Super League. This new venture is set to start 30 July this week with a series between world champions England and Ireland.

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What is the purpose of the ICC Super League?

The ICC World Cup super league is introduced to bring context to ODI cricket. 

What does ‘context’ mean in this circumstance?

It basically means more meaning, more at stake and more consequences for ODI cricket than we are seeing currently in bilateral series around the world. Besides the league table, the Super League will determine which nations qualify for the 2023 World Cup. This shows how serious the ICC wants you to take this. By the end of the group stage, the top seven teams apart from the hosts automatically go to the 2023 World Cup.

How many nations make up the new ODI Super League?

The competition will feature 13 nations which include the 12 Full Members of the ICC and the Netherlands (won the ICC Super League 2015-17). The new competition will see each side play four home and four away three-match series.

What is the format of the ODI Super League?

The ODI Super League format is supposed to ensure variety in terms of opponents, venues and equal home advantage – it means each nation play four home and four away three-match series. So basically, South Africa will play a series of three ODI matches against eight of the 12 other teams – a total of 24 ODI’s each. The teams will play four series at home and four away.

Okay cool, but how does the points structure work?

If South African win an ODI match, they’ll receive 10 points. If there is a tie/no result/abandonment then five points will be awarded to South Africa and its opponents. Nations will be ranked according to total points earned across the eight series in a league structure. 

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