Ozow is the premium payment solution that can be completed in seconds while staying secure.

Easy, fast and trusted payments directly into your Account.

Instead of waiting for an EFT to clear, get your deposit credited instantly!

Here’s how…

1. Select Ozow as a deposit method:

2. Enter deposit amount and click “Pay Now”

3. Select the bank you are making a deposit from.

4. Enter your bank details and follow the prompts

Ozow is 100% safe!

5. Bank/Security Prompt

At this point you might receive a security prompt from your bank. Approve the transaction in your internet banking app if need be.

6. You will be redirected to this page if your deposit is successful

7. You are now ready to start betting! Good luck!

Benefits of using Ozow for deposit:

  • Automated EFT

  • Ozow payments are free

  • Card free

  • Fast payments

  • No registration

  • No hassle

Open your account today and get a 100% deposit match on your first deposit up to R1000!