17 October 2018, by: BET Editor


Have you played BETgames yet?  The newest lotto-style lucky numbers offering at BET.co.za is proving hugely popular with punters.

The Lucky 5, Lucky 6 and Lucky 7 draws run 24/7 at BET.co.za and you can be involved in three draws every five minutes.

The Lucky 6 draw sees 6 balls dropped in three zones – zones A,B and C.

Each section has 2 balls dropped into them per draw.

Available Markets

Balls are numbered 0-9 and are Blue and Red.  There are 3 sets of Blue balls numbers 0-9 totalling 30 blue balls.  There are also 3 sets of red balls numbered 0-9 totalling another 30 balls.

6 balls are dropped from a total of 60 balls.

BET all the options on ball totals per zone, colours per zone and odds and evens per zone.

A new game of Lucky 6 takes place every five minutes.

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