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5 Test Batsmen to Succeed in Indian Conditions Recently

5 Test Batsmen to Succeed in Indian Conditions Recently

03 October 2019, by: CricXtasy

Test Batsmen Succeeding in Indian Conditions

Playing in India has always been a challenge for any team. This is primarily owing to the weather conditions in a tropical country. The moderate to high temperatures promote wear and tear of the pitch and aids the spinners a lot more.

Secondly, the ball that is used – a standard SG ball – seams and swings around considerably less than a regular Kookaburra or Dukes does. However, it does turn a lot more, thus benefiting the spinners as the game progresses.

Batting in the subcontinent has always been a challenge for the overseas batsmen and many have failed to live up to their standards. This could be a result of the pace with which the pitch deteriorates, thus demanding them to alter their natural game.

However, having said that, here are a few batsmen who, with their performances, have given their numbers a boost while playing in India. Let’s have a look at them.

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Widely regarded as one of the modern day greats of the game and a South African legend, Hashim Amla has proven his worth in every continent that he’s played in. Amla against India has always been a one-sided battle with the former scoring heavily on almost every occasion. An effective player of spin and pace bowling, Amla has cashed in more often than not against the Indians.

Back in Feb 2010, Amla and Co. made merry of the batting conditions in Nagpur. While Amla top scored with an unbeaten 253, Kallis departed after scoring a classy 115. Amla batted for almost two entire days before Smith declared the innings, leaving the Indian openers in Gambhir and Sehwag only 4 overs to survive.

However, Amla stole the spotlight from Kallis that day and his refined backlift and grit against the spinners (especially Harbhajan Singh) was something to sit back and enjoy. There was serenity, elegance and class in that uplifting knock of 253*. It got the recognition it deserves when the visitors thrashed the hosts by an innings and 6 runs.

Numbers v India:

Runs: 1528
Average: 43.64
Highest: 253*

In India:

Runs: 941
Average: 62.73
Highest: 253*

Like Amla, Chandimal has had his fair share of fairytales when playing against India. His sublime knock of 162* totally tilted the match in Sri Lanka’s favour in Galle back in 2015. His performances and numbers against India in India are also commendable.

Back in 2017 when Sri Lanka were touring India, they narrowly escaped out on a defeat in the first Test and then endured their worst ever defeat in Tests (innings and 253 runs) in the second Test. On the eve of the third and the final Test, it was either going to be a win for the Lankans or they had to go down fighting but at no cost were they prepared to put up a repeat performance of their previous two Tests.

Sri Lanka had some other plans. Dinesh Chandimal had other plans. In pursuit of India’s first innings total of 536, Sri Lanka managed 373 which was pretty decent. One should not forget the fact Dinesh Chandimal played one of the greatest knocks of his career with a splendid 164.

Moreover, it was the manner in which it was executed. It was the perfect combination of attack and defensive stroke-play which ensured that runs were scored but time was chewed as well, something that is essential when you’re trying to save a Test after conceding a big first-innings total. That fabulous knock included 21 fours and a six which was eye-pleasing to watch.

Numbers v India:

Runs: 750
Average: 50
Highest: 164

In India:

Runs: 366
Average: 61
Highest: 164

One of the modern greats who has risen to the throne of ascension in the last 5 years. Smith has proved to be the perfect counterpart for Virat Kohli. The rivalry between the two is at the peak at the moment. So much so that, if Kohli is Messi, then Smith is Ronaldo (yes, that’s how intense the rivalry has been!).

Smith vs India has been a totally different story on the other hand. Smith loves scoring against India and it is almost as if he enjoys playing against the Indian bowlers. Conditions do not matter to him if the bowlers on the other side belong to India (sorry but it is true).

Smith, has been outstanding in India as well. For long it has been mainstreamed that Australians cannot survive in Indian on account of the turning conditions but Smith has proved them all wrong. Back in Ranchi in 2017, he hit the headlines with a top knock of 178* but unfortunately for him, the game ended in a stalemate.

However, in the same series, he scored a match-winning 109 in the first Test, which helped Australia secure a 1-0 lead.

Numbers v India:

Runs: 1429
Average: 84.05
Highest: 192

Numbers in India:

Runs: 660
Average: 60
Highest: 178*

Widely regarded as one of the most innovative batsmen of the 21st century, Kevin has established himself firmly in India as well as many other parts of the world. A talented player whose career was tainted due to controversies, Kevin still has got many fans left.

His unique stance coupled with his extraordinary backlift was something that had to be admired as it is humanly impossible to continue with those pyrotechnics for as long as KP did.

Known to execute marathon knocks, Kevin had his fair share of bundles of joy against India at home as well as away from home. However, it can be claimed with some conviction that Kevin’s sublime knock of 186 on a turner in Mumbai is not only one of the best innings to have been played but the best ever by an Englishman.

It was also the record-equalling 22nd ton for him that game but the quality of that knock just cannot be expressed in words. That knock had class stamped all over it and if it wasn’t for some controversies in the years to come, we would have witnessed more of the great Kevin Pietersen.

Numbers v India:

Runs: 1581
Average: 58.55
Highest: 202*

Numbers in India:

Runs: 703
Average: 43.93
Highest: 186

Another English legend and a prolific Left-hand opening batsman. It is fair to claim that Cook is the best English opener ever, in Tests. If there was one batsman who India would want desperately right at the start while facing England, it would be Sir Alastair Cook.

Cook was known to bore out the opposition while sucking the life out of them. He did this several times while playing against India, racking up runs at the same time.

Cook in India was as fantastic as he was back at home. Seeing off the new ball was his primary job and he executed that very well and once he got his eye in, we all know the story. For the matter of the fact, Cook had a higher average against India in India as compared to that in England.

Back in 2012, in Kolkata, it was Cook’s eight-hour marathon knock that sealed the series for England and sent up the scoreline to 1-2 from being 1-0 down. In that gritty knock, he swept away the spinners to distinction, kept on leaving deliveries until the bowler was forced to bowl a poor delivery and kept on taking singles till the fielders allowed him twos. It was a masterclass indeed and is rightfully ranked as the best knock of his career.

Numbers v India:

Runs: 2431
Average: 47.66
Highest: 294

Numbers in India:

Runs: 1235
Average: 51.45
Highest: 190

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